Common Myths and Awareness for Corona Virus

In this phase of infection, it is very important to not only avoid the corona virus, but also the fake news spreading on social media. In this era of difficulty, fake news is like an epidemic which increases people's problems. To avoid these, it is important not to forward every post that comes. The World Health Organization has told what to do and what not to avoid corona.

Virus will not come from luggage

There is very little chance that any material can get infected due to the touch of an infected person. While transporting from one place to another, the goods pass through many conditions and temperatures. In this case, the risk of virus is greatly reduced. So do not be afraid and feel free to order online as before.

Pets are also entitled to love
If you have a pet, do not run away from it. There is no evidence that the dog or cat can bring the virus. Follow good habits, such as raw meat, wash hands after touching milk. Can wear disposable globs. Avoid eating raw or undercooked animal products.

Bathing with hot water is not safe
Bathing with hot water is a good thing, but the corona cannot be avoided by taking a bath with hot water.

Rest if not feeling well
If you have fever, cough, cold and difficulty in breathing, it is better to stay at home. Contact the doctors immediately. Cover the mouth and nose-ear with elbow or handkerchief while coughing and sneezing. Immediately insert the used tissue paper into the dustbin.

Home delivery is most effective
If you order things like greens, vegetables, fruits, eggs online, do not stop it. It is better to go to a crowded market or a supermarket and order goods online and get them delivered to your house. Even if you want to get out, keep a distance of one meter from the people. Do not forget to wash your hands after coming from the market.

Virus spreads through infected humans
Physician says that the virus is spread by an infected person, not by newspapers or other things. Only when an infected person touches something, there is a risk of the virus spreading. So do not get into rumors. If there is confusion in the mind, then wash your hands continuously with soap, because this virus can remain alive on the hand for four to ten hours. Avoid touching the face before washing hands.

People of all ages are at risk
Corona virus can make people of all ages sick. Although the number of deaths among the elderly and children is high, the WHO's advice is that people of all ages need to take precaution.

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