NCERT Revision Notes for Chapter 3 Physical Fitness, Wellness And Lifestyle Class 11 Physical Education

Topics in the Chapter
  • Ancient  Olympics
  • Modern Olympics
  • Winter Olympics
  • Summer Olympics
  • Olympic symbols, ideals, objectives and values
  • International Olymopic Committee
  • Indian Olympic Association
  • Dronacharya Award, Arjuna Award and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award
  • Organisational setup of CBSE sports and Chacha Nehru sports award

Physical Fitness, Wellness and Lifestyle

• Meaning of physical fitness - Physical fitness means

- The capacity to do the routine work without any fatigue or exertion.

- After doing the work the person has power to do some more work and recovery is quicker.

• Wellness - Wellness is the capacity of an individual by which he leads a balanced life

• Life style - A way of life of style of living that reflects the attitude and values of a person of group Importance of Physical fitness, wellness and lifestyle

Importance of Physical Fitness

-Sharp Mind

-Improve Your Mind

-Make Bone Strong

-Boost Energy Strength and Stamina

-Keep Body Fat Off

-Enjoy life in better Way

Importance of Wellness

-Active Life

-Ability to combat day to day stress

-Healthy and Happy life

-Contribute to the human capital of the Nation

-More focused toward your Goal

-Improvised Citizen of the country

Importance of Healthy Lifestyle
-Improves abilities

-Enable yourself to cope up with stress

-Reduced Health related Issues

Components of Physical Fitness 

Components of Wellness

Preventing Health Lifestyle through Lifestyle Changes
-Sound and Complete Sleep
-Prevention from Injury
-Don’t smoke
-Limit TV Watching
-Maintaining Healthy Weight with proper diet 
-Healthy Eating habits
-Limiting amount of Alcohol Consumption
-Spend some time with environment
Components of Positive Lifestyle 
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