NCERT Solutions for Class 9th Sanchayan Hindi

Sanchayan is the supplementary reader of Class 9th and long questions will be asked from this textbook in the examination. Thus, you must prepare it well in order to excel in your exam. We have provided NCERT Solutions for Class 9th Sanchayan Hindi here so that you can easily prepare your answers with accuracy. The solutions are prepared as per the latest marking scheme provided by CBSE. These solutions are detailed and accurate so that you can make maximum benefits out of it. You can find the NCERT Solutions for Class 9th Sanchayan by clicking on the chapter name provided below.

पाठ 1 - गिल्लू

Through this chapter, the authoress has shown love for animals and birds. She detailed every subtle observation of their movements. The spirit of natural development of animals and birds by keeping them free has also been encouraged by the chapter.

पाठ 2 - स्मृति

In the chapter, the author has depicted an incident of childhood. The events of this story have been written in such an exciting style that the description of each moment, the seriousness of the situation and the danger faced keeps the reader's curiosity from beginning to end. A very vivid description has been presented of how the child's curiosity and play sometimes makes them to take difficult and risky tasks.

पाठ 3 - कल्लू कुम्हार की उनाकोटी

This is a travelogue of Vikram Singh. The author arrived to shoot for TV program and while traveling to Tripura, he describe the geographical location, culture, tribal society, music, musical instruments, domestic industry, modern agricultural tradition, religious customs and beliefs in a very interesting manner.

पाठ 4 - मेरा छोटा-सा निजी पुस्तकालय

This autobiographical prose by the author expresses love and affection for his books. A description of how the author was inspired to create his own library and when he bought his first personal book inspired readers to read and save the book.

पाठ 5 - हामिद खाँ

In this story, the author has very easily expressed the feeling of warmth and unity in the hearts of both Hindus and Muslims. A vivid description of how an affectionate relationship is established between the author and resident of Taxila, Hamid Khan is given.

पाठ 6 - दिये जल उठे

This excerpt is detailed event of Mahatma Gandhi's Dandi March. It describes the arrest of Patel in 'Raas' and Gandhiji's visit to Dandi while narrating the events that took place on 19 March 1930. The amazing description of what people did to get Gandhiji to cross the ocean by boat in the dark night that makes the reader amazed.

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