Notes of Chapter 4 Key Elements of a Democratic Government Class 6th Civics

What a democratic government means to all of us.


Through Voting

• People  make  the decisions in a democracy.

• Through voting in elections people elect leaders to represent them.
→ These representatives take decisions on behalf of the people.

Other ways of participation

By taking an interest in the work of the government

• People participate by taking an interest in the working of the government and by criticizing it when required.

• They can express their views by organising dharnas, rallies, strikes, signature campaigns etc.

• Newspapers, magazines and TV also play a role in discussing government issues and responsibilities.

By Social Movements

• Another way for people to participate is by organizing themselves into social movements that seek to challenge the government and its functioning.

Resolving Conflict

• Conflicts occur when people of different cultures, religions, regions or economic backgrounds do not get along with each other, or when some among them feel they are being discriminated against.

Religious processions 

• Religious processions and celebrations can sometimes lead to conflicts.

• The police is responsible for ensuring that violence does not take place.


• Rivers too can become a source of conflict between states.

• A river may begin in one state, flow through another and end in a third. 

• The sharing  of  river  water  between different states that the river goes through is becoming an issue of conflict.

Equality and Justice

• Equality and justice are inseparable.

• The earlier practice of untouchability is now banned by law. 

• The government makes special provisions for groups within society that are unequal.

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