Notes of Ch 3 What is Government? Class 6th Civics

Notes of Chapter 3 What is Government? Class 6th Civics


• Government is the group of people with the authority to govern a country or state.

Work of a Government

• It make decisions and get things done. 

• The government also takes action on many social issues.

• It does other important things such as running postal and railway services.

• Protecting the boundaries of the country and maintaining peaceful relations with other countries.
• It is responsible for ensuring that all its citizens have enough to eat and have good health facilities.

• It is the government that mainly organizes aid and assistance for the affected people during tsunami and earthquake.

• If there is a dispute or if someone has committed a crime you find people in a court, a part of the government.

How various tasks are performed by the Government

• Governments do this on behalf of their people by exercising  leadership,  taking decisions and implementing these among all the people living in their territory.

Levels of a Government

• Local Level: Governments in village, town or locality. 

• State Level: Governments that covers an entire state like Haryana or Assam.

• National Level: Government for the entire nation.

Laws and the government

• The government makes laws and everyone who lives in the country has to follow these.

• Without these laws the government's power to make decisions is not of much use. 

Types of Government


• This is form of government in which king or queen has the power to make decisions and run the government.

• The monarch have a small group of people to discuss matters with, but the final decision-making power remains with the monarch. 

Democracy and Democratic government

• Democracy is rule by the people.
→ The basic idea is that people rule themselves by participating in the making of these rules.

Representatives Democracies

• It is type of democracy in which people do not participate directly but, instead, choose their representatives through an election process. 

Voting Rights

• In their earliest forms governments allowed only men who owned property and were educated, to vote. 

Universal adult franchise 

• A government cannot call itself democratic unless it allows what is known as universal adult franchise.

• This means that all adults in the country are allowed to vote.

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