Important Questions for Class 10 Kshitiz Hindi (Extra Questions and Answers)

Various questions are provided at the end of each chapter which are called as NCERT Solutions. Before moving further, you must solve these questions. However, if you're preparing for the examination seriously then after seeing this you must move towards seeing extra questions that will give you edge over your classmates. Here, we have provided the important questions for Class 10 Kshitiz Hindi which will help you in preparing for the examination and scoring more marks. You can visit the extra questions by clicking on name of the chapter given below.
  • Chapter 1 Pad Extra Questions
  • Chapter 2 Ram Laskhman Parshuram Samwad Extra Questions
  • Chapter 3 Sawiya aur Kavitt Extra Questions
  • Chapter 4 Aatmkathy Extra Questions
  • Chapter 5 Utsaah aur At Nahi Rahi Extra Questions
  • Chapter 6 Yeh Danturit Muskan aur Fasal Extra Questions
  • Chapter 7 Chhaya Mat Chuna Extra Questions
  • Chapter 8 Kanyadan Extra Questions
  • Chapter 9 Sangatkar  Extra Questions
  • Chapter 10 Netaji ka Chashma Extra Questions
  • Chapter 11 Balgobin Bhagat Extra Questions
  • Chapter 12 Lakhnavi Andaz Extra Questions
  • Chapter 13 Manviya Karuna ki Divy Chamak Extra Questions
  • Chapter 14 Ek Kahani Yeh Bhi Extra Questions
  • Chapter 15 Stri Shiksha keVirodhi Kutrkon ka Khandan Extra Questions
  • Chapter 16 Naubatkhane me Ibadat Extra Questions
  • Chapter 17 Sanskriti Extra Questions

Kshitiz Hindi Class 10 Notes

MCQ Test of Kshitiz Hindi Class 10
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