Information and Communication Technology (ICT) CBSE Sample Paper 2017-18 Final Exam| Class 10th Solved

CBSE has released the Solved Sample Paper for 2017-18 Final ExamICT Sample Paper is given here.

Time Allowed: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80

General Instructions:
(i) The sample question paper consists of 16 questions.
(ii) All questions are compulsory; however internal choice has been given in few questions.

1. Multiple choice questions (5)

a. Which of the following is not an input device?
i) Scanner
ii) Microphone
iii) Speaker
iv) Trackball

b. ___________ acts as the nerve centre that sends control signal to all other units.
i) Control Unit
ii) Software
iii) ALU
iv) Memory

c. Random Access Memory and Read Only Memory are examples of  _______________.
i) AuxiliaryMemory
ii) Primary Memory
iii) Secondary Memory
iv) Both primary and secondary memory

d. GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Picasa are examples of ________ softwares.
i) Spreadsheets
ii) Word Processors
iii) Desktop publishing
iv) Presentation

e. It allows a visited website to store its own information about a user on the user’s computer.
i) Spam
ii) Malware
iii) Cookies
iv) Adware

2. Aayush wants to send highly sensitive form data such as username and password
which method out of GET/POST should he use to send the form data? (1)

3. Define Shareware. (1)

4. Identify the tools used for the following purpose: (1)
a. To lighten the colours in an image.
b. To shift one part of an image, a layer, a selection or a path to a direction and the other part to the opposite direction.

5. What is the significance of System Software? (1)

6. What does Open-source in Open- Source software mean? (1)

7. Name any four tools used for Retouching an image in GIMP. (2)

8. Write any four exclusive rights that a copyright owner possesses? (2)
What is a firewall?

9. Differentiate between Blur and Sharpen tool. (2)

10. Write the CSS code to (2)
i. Apply 50px indentation to all text paragraphs marked with <p>.
ii. Make the text in the paragraphs marked with <p> tag “italics”.
List the advantages of using CSS.

11. Explain the various values associated with “scrolling” attribute of FRAME tag. (3)

12. Observe the following code carefully and answer the questions that follow: (3)
<title>NETWORK SECURITY</title>
<style type="text/css">
li {
letter-spacing:10px ;
text-transform: lowercase;
<body> The Dos and Don’ts of network security
Predict the output of the above code while explaining the effects applied on <li> in the CSS code.

13. Body { background-image: url(“learn.gif”); background-repeat: repeat-x} (3)
i. In reference with the above CSS code, explain the usage of backgroundrepeat property. Also mention the different values that can be used for background-repeat. What output will be produced when the above code is executed?
List any 3 items that can be created using DHTML.

14. Write HTML code to display the following table:

• The title of the webpage is “Schedule”
• The Caption of the Table is Duty Chart.
• 8 AM 10 AM 12 AM are Table Headings.

15. Carefully observe the following labeled screenshot and answer the questions that follow:
a. Identify the form element labeled as 1 and 2?
b. Why has the form element labeled as 2 used to input the Address?
c. Write HTML code to create the form element labeled as 3.
d. Differentiate between the form element labeled 3 and the form element labeled 4.
e. How can anyone item be highlighted in the Dropdown box labeled as 5?
Carefully read and answer the following questions with respect to HTML:
i. What is a Form?
ii. What does a Form consist of?
iii. Which tag is used to insert a Form in a HTML document? Is it a container
or a non container tag?
iv. What values can be used with the Method attribute of the Form?
v. How is a Submit button different from a Reset Button in a Form?

16. Answer the following questions:
a. What are Layers?
b. What is the purpose of using Layers?
c. Abhay scanned a few photos but some of the scanned photos did not look colourful enough. How can he improve their tonal range?
d. What steps should Shikha perform to enlarge the image of the Medical prescription of her Aunt which she has opened in GIMP?
e. How is Flip tool different from Rotate tool?

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