ICT CBSE Answer Sheet of Sample Paper 2017-18 Final Exam| Class 10th

1. (a) iii) Speaker
(b) i) Control Unit
(c) ii) Primary Memory
(d) iii) Desktop Publishing
(e) iii) Cookies

• Appends form-data inside the body of the HTTP request (data is not shown in URL)
• Form submissions with POST cannot be bookmarked.

3. Shareware is a proprietary software which is initially provided free of charges to users for a limited period on a trial basis, if the user decides to use it after the trial period he/she needs to pay for it.

4. a. Dodge tool
b. Shear tool

5. System software includes the programs that enable the computer’s hardware to work with and run the application software. 
System software is the interface between user, other programs and the computer’s hardware.

6. Open-source software (OSS) is computer software with its source code made available. It is very often developed in a public, collaborative manner. A license for open sources software allows the end user to study, change and distribute the software for any purpose hence it is termed as Open Source.

7. a. Scale Tool
b. Blur/Sharpen Tool
c. Brush & Pencil Tool
d. Eraser Tool
e. Blend Tool
f. Smudge
g. Dodge / Burn Tool

8. • Fix or store the information in a tangible form.
• Reproduce the copyrighted material.
• Sell, rent, lease, or otherwise distribute copies of the copyright work to the public.
• Publicly perform and display the copyrighted material.
• Prepare derivative works based on the copyrighted material.
A firewall is a program or hardware device that filters the information coming through
an internet connection to a network or computer system. If incoming information does
not pass the rules stored in the firewall, it is not allowed through.

Blur Tool Sharpen Tool
Blur mode causes each pixel affected by the brush to be blended with neighbouring pixels, thereby increasing the similarity of pixels inside the brushstroke area. Sharpen mode causes each pixel to become more different from its neighbours, it increases contrast inside the brushstroke area.
Blurring can be useful to soften some
element of the image that stands out too
In “Sharpen” mode, the tool works by
increasing the contrast where the brush
is applied.

10. p {
 text-indent: 50px;
 font-style: italic;
• It controls layout of many documents from one single style sheet.
• It has more precise control of layout.
• It applies different layouts to different media-types.
• It has numerous advanced and sophisticated techniques to be applied on web pages.

11. The scrolling attribute of FRAME tag can take 3 values:
• Yes, will insert both the scrolls irrespective of the size of the sub-window.
• Auto will insert the scrolls only when the contents of the sub-window are not visible.
• No will not insert any scrolls even when all the contents are not visible.
• 1 mark for explaining each value.

12. The output of the above code will be:
As per the output it is evident that the list elements specified as li have been displayed in Lower case due to :
text-transform: lowercase;
Also, there is a space of 10 pixels between each letter due to :
letter-spacing:10px ;

13. With reference to the above CSS code the inserted background image learn.gif will repeat horizontally on the browser screen.
The four different values for background-repeat are as follows:
Value Description
background-repeat: repeat-x : The image is repeated horizontally.
background-repeat: repeat-y : The image is repeated vertically.
background-repeat: repeat : The image is repeated both horizontally and vertically
background-repeat: no-repeat : The image is not repeated
• 1 mark for explaining the background-repeat with reference to the code given.
• ½ mark each for explaining all values.
DHTML can be used to create the following:
• Animation
• Pop-up menus.
• Inclusion of Web page content from external data sources.
• Elements that can be dragged and dropped within the Web page.

14. <HTML>
<TABLE Border = 1>
<TH> 8 AM </TH>
<TH> 10 AM </TH>
<TH> 12 AM </TH>

15. a. Form element labeled as 1 is a Textbox and Form element labeled as 2 is a Textarea.

b. Text areas are the fields that display multiple text lines at a time hence it has been used to accept 
Address which also contains multiple lines of text.

c. <input type="radio" name="Ltype" value="DND">Do Not Disturb <br>
 <input type="radio" name="Ltype" value="Vib">VIBRATE <br>
 <input type="radio" name="Ltype" value="Act">Active <br>

d. Form element labeled as 3 is a Radio button .It enables the selection of one of the
options out of the many.
Form element labeled as 4 is a Checkbox. As compared to radio button, a checkbox allows for multiple selections of items.

e. To highlight one item in a dropdown box ,“selected” clause is used in the <option>
tag as follows :
<option selected>
<option selected>JAPAN</option>


i. A Form is an object that is used for collecting data from the user.

ii. A Form consists of the elements of a form called the form fields. These fields may be text field, text area, drop-down box, radio buttons, checkbox and/or a command button.

iii. <Form> </Form> tag is used to insert a Form in a HTML document.It is a container tag.

iv. The values that can be used with the Method attribute of the Form are:
• Get
• Post

v. When activated, a submit button submits the data collected through the form elements in a form Whereas when activated, a reset button resets all controls/form elements to their initial values.


a. In GIMP terminology, each individual transparency is called a Layer. Layers are the transparent sheets one on top of the other. You can see through transparent areas of a layer to the layers below.

b. Layers allows us to work with one element of an image without disturbing the
others. Layer provides a variety of effects that change the appearance of the image.

c. If some of the scanned photos do not look colourful enough, we can easily improve their tonal range with the “Auto” button in the Levels tool (Colours→Levels).

d. Step 1: Click on Image-> Scale Image
 Step 2: Set the required width and height and click on scale.

e. Using a Flip tool on an image produces its mirror image.
Whereas ,
Rotate tool helps to rotate an image by different angles.

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