Gulliver's Travel - A Voyage to Lilliput 9th Chapter 3 Summary and Quick revision notes English

Gulliver’s good behaviour made a good impression on people of the Lilliput Island. He was given liberty on some condition. They were now comfortable with him. Children used to play on his body.
One day the emperor organised a function for him. The various stunts were performed. One of them performed stunts like walking on the rope. The horses of the army were no longer afraid of Gulliver. Some people also discover hat of Gulliver near she shore.
Gulliver had sent so many memorials and petitions for his liberty, that his majesty at length mentioned the matter, first in the cabinet, and then in a full council; where it was opposed by none, except Skyresh Bolgolam. Several rules were made for him in order to maintain his liberty.

Quick Revision Notes

• Gulliver’s gentleness and good behaviour were making impression on emperor and his court. Therefore, he was hoping to get liberty soon. He also had good progress in learning their languages.

• The king decided to arrange some events in honour of Gulliver. The various artists performed on the occasion. The performance of the rope dancer impressed Gulliver the most.

• The art like rope dancing was also done to impress king so that the performer will get a place in the royal court. The ministers were also needed to perform such art time to time to show the king that they are still worthy to the king and the court. Such arts were difficult and many got injured.

• The horses no longer were afraid of Gulliver. They used made jump over his hands.

• Gulliver discovered another entertaining game of horse riding. He made a proper platform for the game. The king was impressed by this.

• The Lilliputians reported king that they have found something wearied structure which might be a belonging to man mountain(Lilliputians used to address Gulliver by that name). As the way, they explained its structure Gulliver understood it was his lost hat. He asked the king to bring that to him.

• Gulliver was continuously pleading for his liberty. The king discussed the matter in court and his counsel of ministers. Everyone was ok with the proposal to give liberty except Skyresh  Bolgolam.

• Finally, Gulliver was granted liberty when he signed the agreement which mentioned certain rules and regulations that Gulliver had to follow while he would be given liberty.

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