Gulliver's Travel - A Voyage to Lilliput 9th Chapter 2 Summary and Quick revision English

Next day king came to Gulliver with team of his nobles. They were brought to teach Gulliver their language. King ordered to serve food and liquor to Gulliver. He ate all food and drinks.

The king, princes, queen all had come to see him. A huge crowd was there to see him. Gulliver was guarded by local army. Few of them did not like this stranger at their place and attacked on him by bow and arrow. These people were handed over by army to Gulliver to punish them. Gulliver freed them by cutting their strings. The crowd was impressed by his good behaviour.

Meanwhile he was trying different languages like Spanish, French, German but none of this worked. The King with his council members discussed what should be done with this big man. Some suggested that he should be served poison or should be kept starving. But then they come to know about his good behavior.

After three weeks the emperor came again to see him. He was searched. A watch, a scrimtar, pistol ans purse was found. The Lilliputians were amazed by such things.

Quick revision Points

• Gulliver describing the area around him said, It was a garden with bed of flowers. The longest trees were of seven feet. The city around looked like painted city in a theatre.

• The emperor came to visit Gulliver. Gulliver describes emperor as he was around 28 years of age. He was a masculine man with Austrian lip taller than others. The king was there with his royal family. The horse of emperor got scarred by Gulliver.

• The king offered Gulliver food and drinks. He emptied their many vehicles of food. He drank their many barrels of drink.

• The Gulliver tried various languages he knew to communicate with king but he failed. After that the king left that place and provided a guard for the safety of Gulliver.

• Then some of the Lilliputians attacked Gulliver by shooting arrows at him. They were arrested and handed over to Gulliver to punish them. Gulliver pretended  as he would eat them, but then he released them free by cutting their strings by which they were bound.

• Six hundred beds with that number of blankets were arranged for Gulliver. Various numbers of citizens were curious to see him. Certain restrictions were made on them in order to avoid inconveniences caused.

• The emperor held council meetings regarding Gulliver. There was problem of Gulliver’s diet which might cause food shortage. Various methods were discussed to get rid of Gulliver like poisoning him, or keeping him starving. But then counsel was  made aware that Gulliver’s behaviour is very good, he has freed the men who were shooting him.

• This was due to the good behaviour of the king ensured regular supply of food and other basic requirements of Gulliver. Gulliver also tried and made great progress in learning their language with help of masters.

• After that Gulliver asked for his liberty to  king to roam around. He was then made with a promise to keep peace with the Lilliputians. He was then asked to give up his belongings like knife and other harmful objects. He agreed on account that everything would be returned to him when he would be living their country. All his belongings were taken and they were made accounted. .A watch, a scimitar, pistol and purse was found.

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