Summary of Chapter 3 Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues Hornbill CBSE NCERT Class 11 English

Summary of the Chapter

This is an article regarding mummy of Tut, who was considered as last heir of powerful family that ruled Egypt. He died in his last teens. His death has been mystery since his tomb was first discovered in 1922.  After 80 years his tomb had been extracted again for a CT scan in 2005. This may lead to discover something new about his life and death. When the Tomb of Tut was taken away, an angry wind stirred up ghostly dust devils.

Summary of Discovering Tut: The saga Continues Class 11 Hornbill

The area was surrounded by a lot of tourists nearby. They gazed at wall paintings and Tut’s preserved dead body. Some of them were thinking how Tut might have died in his late Teens. According to Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities it the mummy of Tut was damaged by James Carter, a British Archaeologist who investigated the mummy in 1922. He was buried with everything he might have been using in his day to day life.

Carter when found Mummy Tut was cemented to the bottom of his solid gold coffin. He tried to loosen the resin by putting the mummy in the blazing sun shine but he failed. He had to use the chisel to remove the mummy as thieves would have cut it and taken all the gold.  Ancient Egyptian use to believe that dead person takes all his belongings with them. Thus the dead person was buried with his belongings. Tut was buried with gold jewelries.

Summary of Discovering Tut: The saga Continues Class 11 Hornbill

Archaeology has changed over a period of time. Archaeologist's now a days look for details of ancient life and mysteries of death instead of treasures. More sophisticated tools and modern methods like CT scan is introduced in archaeology.  Now after the CT scan, his tomb was investigated. King Tut’s demise was a big event, even by royal standards. He was the last of his family’s line, and his funeral was the death rattle of a dynasty. But the particulars of his passing away and its aftermath are unclear.

Tut took the thrown at very young age. He became king after Smenkhkare, who succeed  Akhenaten. Tut ruled for about 9 years. The Egyptian Mummy Project, which began an inventory in late 2003, has recorded almost 600 so far and is still counting. The next phase: scanning the mummies with a portable CT machine. Tut was one of the first Mummy to get investigated under CT scan. A CT machine scanned the mummy head to toe, creating 1,700 digital X-ray images in cross section.

Summary of Discovering Tut: The saga Continues Class 11 Hornbill

They were looking for how the mummy has been protected for so long. The million-dollar scanner had quit because of sand in a cooler fan. After three hours of CT scan, Tuts mummy was carried back to its tomb.  The CT scanned image was observed on computer screen. The image was observed and analyzed.  The whole process got completed properly and nothing went seriously wrong.

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