Three Men in a Boat Class 9th-Chapter 9 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

Harris and Jerome wanted George to do some work so he towline the boat up to Runnymede. Jerome considered tow-lines strange as they tangled on their own. Jerome told a story when he and his friends were going down in Bovency. They saw two men who were looking for their boat which had gone off when they were disentangling their tow-line.

He also remembered another story that how George tied a tow-line of the boat of a young couple and made them tow four bulking chaps in another boat for a long time. The girl was shocked when she could not see her aunt as they were towing the wrong boat. George said that he didn’t know about the recovery of her aunt when Harris asked him.

Jerome tells about the story of lazy boaters who hired a barge house to pull their boats. They move so frequently that often there were some mishaps. Jerome said that most exciting is being towed by the girls. He further said that it took three girls to tow, two to hold the rope and third to run round and round. They generally began by getting themselves tied up.

At the end of a hundred yards, they were naturally breathless. George towed steadily on to Penton Hook. They thought to camp there and sleep on board at night. However, with the sun still in heaven, they thought to move for some miles. In the meantime the boat drifted out midstream.

Jerome also tells about his river trip down Goring with his cousin who was young lady. They reached Benson's lock at half-past six and his cousin was eager to reach home before evening. The narrator drew out a map and found that they were just a mile and half to the Wallingford lock. His cousin thought they had lost and started crying. Jerome got nervous but he still went on pulling. The river grew more and more gloomy and mysterious under the gathering shadows of the night but still there was no lock. Suddenly, they saw a boat. Jerome asked them about Wallingford lock. They told him that there was no Wallingford lock for the last one year but they were very close to Cleave now. Lastly, they got home in time for supper.

Quick Revision Notes:

• George was now rowing the boat.

• They were going down in Bovency when Jerome told story about the boaters who lost their boats when disentangling tow-line.

• Jerome also remembered when George tied tow-line of a couple and they towed the wrong boat and their aunt went missing.

• Jerome said it requires three girls to tow.

• George towed steadily on to Penton Hook and wanted to camp but sun was in the sky so they thought to move for some miles.

• Jerome tells about his trip down Goring with his cousin who was a young lady.

• Jerome wasn’t able to found Wallingford and they thought they are lost in the river.

• They saw a boat where Jerome got to know that there were no Wallingford lock and they are near to Cleeve. They reached home at the time of supper.

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