The Story of My Life Class 10th-Chapter 7 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

Once Helen could spell a few words, her teacher gave her slips of cardboard with raised letters printed on them. She quickly learned that each printed word stood for an object, an act or a quality. She had a frame in which she arranged letters to form words and then make them into sentences. The printed slips were a step towards the printed books. She was given a book ‘Reader for beginners’ in which she hunted for the words she knew. Miss Sullivan had great power of description which made Helen easily understood.

They read and studied outdoors mostly and used different objects from nature to understand the concepts. Her favourite walk was to the Keller’s Landing, an old wharf on the Tennessee River. Miss Sullivan taught her Geography in an interesting manner. She built dams with pebbles, made islands and lakes, and dug river-beds. Miss Sullivan also taught her arithmetic, botany and zoology in same leisurely manner.

A gentleman gifted Helen a collection of fossils. With the help of those fossils, Miss Sullivan explained her about prehistoric creatures.

Another time a beautiful shell was given to her which helped her to learn about the habitat of the marine animals. Miss Sullivan taught her the growth of a plant by making observations on a growing lily plant kept on the window.

Miss Sullivan was a genius teacher for her. She showed sympathy and love for Helen. She made education easy and interesting for her. Helen developed great intimacy with her teacher.

Quick Revision Notes:

• After Helen spelled few words, her teacher given slips of cardboard with raised letters to her and later, she learnt to read a book named ‘Reader for beginners’.
• Miss Sullivan taught her all the concepts of geography, arithmetic, botany and zoology in playful ways.

• She learned about the various prehistoric creatures through fossils and also about marine animals.

• Miss Sullivan proved to be great teacher for her.

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