The Story of My Life Class 10th-Chapter 6 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

Learning language is a slow and painful process for a deaf and blind person but the result is wonderful. Helen had learned many words and her area of inquiry broadened. She returned to the subject again and again for further information.

One day Helen brought violets to her teacher. Miss Sullivan tried to kiss her but she did not like it so, Sullivan put her arm around Helen to show her affection and spelled into her hand, “I love Helen”. ‘Love’ was a new word for Helen so she asked her the meaning of love. Miss Sullivan pointed towards her heart and told her that love is here. But Miss Sullivan could not show her what love is.

After some days, Helen was arranging the beads in a symmetrical pattern but found it difficult. Miss Sullivan touched her forehead and spelled ‘Think’ on her hand. She understood that the word is the name of the process going on in her mind. This was her first conscious perception of an abstract idea. Later, her teacher explained that love cannot be touched but you can feel the sweetness that love pours into everything. Without love a person would not be happy or want to play.

Miss Sullivan encouraged her to participate in the conversation which was a difficult task for deaf and blind. Miss Sullivan also provided her several words and idioms to express Helen’s thoughts by spelling into her hand. This process continued for several years and gradually she came on the right track.

Quick Revision Notes:

• Despite learning language is difficult task for deaf and blind, Helen learnt many words and broadened her are of enquiry.

• Miss Sullivan tried to explain the meaning of love to her but she fail to understand.

• Miss Sullivan made Helen understood the word ‘think’ and later also explained about love.

• Miss Sullivan encouraged her to participate in the conversation and provided various support in doing this.

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