Three Men in a Boat Class 9th-Chapter 10 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

George rowed the boat till Staines. They had originally thought to camp at Magna Charta Island. Now, they wanted to have their supper and go to bed. George suggested that they should pitch the tent before eating supper. They thought it would be an easy task and take them just ten minutes. George did his part all right but it was new work for Harris and he bungled it. They helped each other to fix the covering and they entangled themselves in boat cover. Jerome finally disentangled them and they were not really happy. Finally the cover was fixed after half an hour.

They boiled the water and made tea and ate supper in total silence. After it, they felt that they were quarrelsome and ill-tempered but now they loved each other and everybody. George wondered why they couldn't be always happy and generous like that and why they couldn't remain away from sins and temptations. George related a story when his father travelled with another fellow through Wales. They stopped at a little inn where they joined the other fellows and spent the evening with them.

They went to bed at ten but Jerome couldn’t sleep because a part of the boat kept digging into his spine. He stepped outside putting on whatever clothes he could and crept under the canvas on to the bank. He admired the glorious night. The moon had sunk and left the quiet earth alone with the stars. The world had seemed so hard and wrong to them. It was like some great loving mother, gently laid her hand upon their feverish heads and removed their pain. Jerome tells about the story of knight who lost in the dark forest named Sorrow. The good knight was shown a vision about which he can’t speak.

Quick Revision Notes:

• George rowed till Staines and had originally thought to camp at Magna Charta Island.

• They pitched the tent in half an hour as Harris bungled it.

• They made supper and ate it in total silence.

• George told a story about his father travelling through Wales.

• Jerome wasn’t not able to sleep so he crept under the canvas to the bank.

• He admired the night and the stars. Jerome told a story about a knight who lost in the dark forest named sorrow and seen a vision.
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