The Story of My Life Class 10th-Chapter 8 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

This chapter contains the descriptions of first Christmas Eve after the arrival of Miss Sullivan. Everyone in the family was planning surprises for Helen. Helen was also preparing her surprises with her teacher. They kept up a guessing game which taught Helen more about the use of language. They played the guessing game every evening which grew more and more interesting with each day.

On Christmas Eve, the Tuscumbia schoolchildren had their decorated tree to which they invited Helen. She was delighted when she was asked to hand the presents to the children. Helen was giving gifts to others but also wanted to know what she was to receive on that Eve.

Helen could not sleep properly that night. In the morning, when she got up she found a lot of gifts for her. She was most delighted by her teacher’s gift which is a canary.

Helen named the bird as ‘Tim’. Her teacher taught her to take all the care of the bird. One day she left the cage on the window and the bird fell a prey to a cat. She understood that she would never see her sweet singer again.

Quick Revision Notes:

• During the first Christmas after the arrival of Miss Sullivan, she played the guessing game every evening and learned a more use of language.

• She was invited by the Tuscumbia school children on the Christmas Eve. She went and hand the gifts to the children.

• When she woke next morning, she found a lot of gifts near her.

• Miss Sullivan gave her a canary in the gift which ultimately fell a pray to a cat.

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