The Story of My Life Class 10th-Chapter 10 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

Just before the Perkins Institute closed for the summer, it was planned that Helen’s teacher and she would spend vacation at Brewster on Cape Cod with their friend, Mrs Hopkins. Helen was delighted as she had heard many wonderful stories about the sea. She lived in the far inland and read in a big book called ‘Our World’ a description of the ocean and eager to touch the sea and feel it roar.

Once at the sea shore, she plunged into the sea water without any fear. She was enjoying it until her foot struck against a rock and the water rushed over her head. She found no proper thing to hold as there was nothing except water and sea weeds. She was fortunate that the waves threw her back on the shore where her teacher picked her up in the arms.

After she had recovered from the incident, she enjoyed watching the waves dashing against the rocks.

Miss Sullivan drew her attention to a big horseshoe crab. Helen thought that it would be a delightful pet so she carried the heavy crab all the way to their house. She carefully placed the crab in a trough. But the next morning when she went there to see her pet, the crab was not there. Helen later realised her mistake of separating the crab from his habitat. She thought that the crab had returned to sea and she felt happy.

Quick Revision Notes:

• Helen and teacher planned that they would spend vacation at Brewster on Cape God with their friend, Mrs Hopkins.

• Helen was delighted as she read many wonderful stories about sea.

• At the sea shore, she plunged into water and she was swept away by the sea but luckily the waves thrown back her on the sea shore and she was picked up by her teacher.

• Miss Sullivan attracted her attention towards a big horseshoe crab. She made the crab her pet and put him in a trough but next morning the crab disappeared.

• Helen realized her mistake of separating crab from his habitat and felt happy by thinking she had returned to sea.

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