The Story of My Life Class 10th-Chapter 11 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

Helen returned to her Southern home. She felt happy whenever she recall the memories of North. There she got a lot of information, experiences variety of things.

She spent her autumn months with her family at their summer cottage, on a mountain about 14 miles from Tuscumbia, called Fern Quarry, because there was limestone quarry, long since deserted. Three streams ran over it and tumbled down in waterfalls wherever rocks tried to block their way. The place was surrounded by tall trees. The mountain was thickly wooded.

Their cottage was like a “rough camp” situated on top of a mountain among oaks and pines. The small rooms were arranged on each side of a long open hall.

Many visitors came to Fern Quarry. In the evening, by the campfire, men played cards and shared their hunting experiences.

She woke up in the morning with the sound of rattling guns and the smell of coffee. All men went off to hunt. Later in the morning, a barbecue was planned. The savoury odour of the meat made her hungry. The hunting party also returned without a single hunt and joined the feast.

Helen had a pony and she named him Black Beauty as she had just read the book. Occasionally, she rode the pony accompanied by her teacher. Sometimes, she also gathered persimmons and nuts with her sister Mildred and cousins. At the foot of mountains, there was a railroad and about a mile distant was a trestle spanning a deep gorge. One day when she, along with her sister and Miss Sullivan, got lost in the woods. Mildred pointed out towards the trestle. The walked over it. Suddenly, a train came by and they climbed down upon the crossbraces. They regained the track and reached home safely. They found the cottage empty as everyone gone to look for them.

Quick Revision Notes:

• Helen returned her Southern home with memories of North and lot of learnings.

• Her family went to their summer cottage to spent autumns about 14 miles from Tuscumbia, called Fern Quarry.

• Many visitors came there. In the evening, they shared their hunting experiences. In the morning, they together ate feast.

• Helen had pony and named him ‘Black Beauty’ and sometimes rode the pont with her teacher.

• One day, Helen, Mildred and her teacher got lost in the woods. With great difficulties, they finally reached their cottage but found no one there as everyone went out searching for them.

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