The Story of My Life Class 10th-Chapter 9 Summary and Quick revision Notes English

In May 1888, Helen visited Boston with Miss Sullivan and her mother. Two years before she made a journey to Baltimore but she found a lot of difference between two journeys. She became mature so she was no longer required the attention of everybody on the train to keep her amused. Miss Sullivan told her all about what she saw out of the window. Her doll was Nancy was with her.

In Boston, Helen was admitted to Perkins institute which was for blind children. She Helen had a sad experience when her doll, Nancy became dirty. The laundress at the institute secretly took it away and gave it a bath which made the doll formless heap of cotton. The other children talked like her and read the same book however other children could hear the sound while Helen could not.

She visited the Bunker Hill where she had her first history lesson. She climbed the highest point which was once used by the soldiers to shoot their enemies.

The next day, they went to Plymouth by water. It was her first voyage on a steamboat. The noise of the machine frightened her and she thought it was thundering. A gentleman gave her a model of Plymouth Rock at Pilgrim Hall. She felt the model in her hand which reminded her wonderful stories of the bravery of the Pilgrims but she was disappointed to know about their shameful acts of persecuting minority groups.

She made friends with Mr. William Endicott and his daughter. She found them very kind and generous. She even visited their homes and played with their dogs and horse. She called the Boston as ‘The City of Kind Hearts’.

Quick Revision Notes:

• Helen visited Boston in May, 1988 with her teacher and mother however she found differences in this journey with her Baltimore journey.

• She was admitted to Perkins Institute which was for blind children. She met other children like her however, other children could listen while Helen couldn’t.

• She visited the Bunker Hill and learned her first History lesson.

• She also visited Plymouth by water which was her first voyage on a steamboat and she was frightened all over the journey.

• She made friends with Mr. William Endicott and his daughter and called the city, Boston as ‘The City of Kind Hearts’.

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