Study Material of Bepin Choudhury’s lapse of memory (Summary, Character Sketch and Word Meanings) Honeydew

Character Sketch

• Bepin Choudhury: is an old man who had no children. He was living a lonely life after his wife’s demise. He was working in reputed firm at responsible post and have few friends.
Personality: He had keen interest in reading books. This is shown in starting of story, he stop his car every Monday in New market to buy books. He never wanted to waste his time in idle chatting.

• Parimal Ghose: He is round faced, meek looking man who intrude Bepin Choudhury in book shop. He tried to make believe Bepin babu that he had gone to Ranchi. He also provided many evidence that make Bepin rely on his statement.

• Chunni Lal: He is school friend of Bepin Choudhary. He previously worked in travel agency but now in search of job. He kept visiting Bepin's house about the job but Bepin always disregards him. Bepin babu had also not helped him financially at time of need so he tried to took revenge by frustrating Bepin’s mind through his imaginative.

• Dr. Paresh Chandra: He is a young physician with pair of bright eyes and a sharp nose. He is called by Bepin choudhury to treat memory loss problem.

Terms and Meanings from the Chapter

• Idle Chat - Unnecessary conversation
• Meek – Quiet
• Utter disbelief – Complete surprise
• Regretted – felt sad
• Intimate – very personal and private
• Deliberate – intentionally
• Insanity – mental illness
• Bracing – Stimulating
• Going nuts – going mad
• Sarcasm – satire
• Getting into people’s hair – interfering with and annoying people.
• Snuggling – comfortable position
• Sleuthing – investigating (an event)
• Conscientious – careful and correct
• Head was in a whirl - confused and unable to think clearly.
• Gather his wits together - make an effort to become calm and think clearly.
• Having a rough time – Having a lot of problems
• Turning up like a bad penny - appearing at a place where one is not welcome.
• Didn’t beat about the bush - came straight to the point
• Off and on – now and then
• Throw your mind back - think back and recall a past event
• Must see about consulting – may have to consult
• Tranquilliser - a medicine to reduce stress and anxiety
• Boulder – a large rock
• Came round – regained consciousness

Summary of the Chapter

It was habit of Bepin Choudhury to stop on a book shop present in New market to purchase the books of his interest.
But one day, he encountered with Parimal Ghose,who had recognised Mr. Bepin Babu but Bepin refused to identify him. As proof, Mr.Ghose narrate him Ranchi incident but Bepin replied that he had never been to Ranchi and told that he also don’t know Ghose. Later, Ghose described him his personal details as family-wife and kids, Dinesh Mukerji, his bungalow etc but Bepin Babu was not ready to believe.

Bepin think over it. He was confused whether he Ghose was telling lie or he was losing his memory then he decided to ring up Dinesh Mukerji so that he could confirm the matter. He talked to Dinesh but he also replied in positive and recollected all other events also, hearing all his head began to spin.
Next day when he reached home from office,his servant told him that Mr. Chunni Lal wanted to meet him. Chunni asked him for money but Bepin Babu refused, besides he began to confirms about the incident of Ranchi and his last job just to verify if he was losing his memory or not .But Chunni Lal also replied positively. Now he called for Dr. Paresh Chanda, who gave him remedy.

At the end of the lesson, Bepin himself went to Hudroo but couldn't retrieve his memory. When he reached Hudroo, he felt unconsciousness there. He returned calcutta and feeling that he will lose everything, there is no hope left in him. Few minutes later Bepin's servant brought a letter which was describing Chunni’s revenge for not helping him in at the time of need. Now Bepin understood all the matter. When Dr. Chanda again came to treat him, he was totally surprised when Bepin told him that he was better now. He just needed a pain killer as he has fallen in Ranchi.

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