Study Material of The Last Bargain (Summary, Extra Questions and Word Meanings) Honeydew

Summary of Poem

One morning, speaker walking on the stone paved road and asking out to hire him.
Firstly, a king came near him and told that he would hire him with his power but his power counted for nothing so he disliked his agreement.
During mid-day, an old man came with gold coins and said that he would hire with money but the speaker rejects all his money because money will soon be spent and money cannot buy us everlasting happiness.
In the evening, the garden fences were full of flowers. A fair lady came out from garden and said that he would hire him with a smile but her smile faded away and she melted into tears and returns into the dark leaving the speaker alone.
At last a child playing with shells and said that he would hire him with nothing an poet accepted his agreement but speaker was attracted by the flawless character of the child so he accepted the agreement of child. The bargain of the child makes the speaker a free man.

Terms and Meanings from the poem

• Naught – nothing
• Crooked – bent
• Pondered – consider
• Hedge – fence
• Glistened – shine

Extra Questions and Answers

1. Why speaker deny the king proposal?
► The speaker stated the king’s power as nothing so he denied the proposal of king.

2. What did the old man want? Was he successful in his bargain?
► The old man wanted to hire the speaker with his money. No, he was not successful in his bargain.

3. Explain, “I hire you with nothing”?
► The child has no material thing so he used the word nothing here. He has only goodwill and cheer to hire the speaker.

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