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Summary of Poem
Study Material and Summary of Macavity: The Mystery Cat

Macavity is a mystery cat because no crime agency was ever able to arrest this criminal mastermind during or after his committing a crime. He is too clever to leave any evidence of his guilt. He is a puzzle for every detective agency in the world including Scotland Yard and Flying Squad who are specialized investigating crime. Whenever they reach the scene of crime-Macavity’s not there. Macavity is too clever to be caught and he is nowhere near at the crime spot.

Not only does he breaks the human law but also breaks the law of gravity. His brows are deeply lining as a result of continuous planning of crime. Macavity has sunken eyes and “his head is highly domed”. He never combs his whiskers. His movements resemble that of a snake. When you think he is sleeping, he is wide awake in fact.

Macavity is a devil in cat’s shape. He is morally corrupt. You may meet and see him everywhere but whenever his crime is discovered you will not find him there.

Terms and Meanings from Chapter

• Defy – Disobey
• Bafflement – To confuse
• Scotland Yard - the headquarters of the London police force
• Flying Squad - a group of police or soldiers ready to move into action quickly
• Levitation - floating in the air without support
• Fiend – Devil
• Feline – a cat
• Depravity – moral corruption

Extra Questions and Answer

1. How does Macavity outwits the world’s top investigation agencies?
► Whenever investigation agencies reached the spot of crime, Macavity is not presnet there. He also didn’t leave any clue of him. These agencies never able to found any sign of Macavity. Therefore, he outwitted the world’s top investigation agencies.

2. What is the most remarkable thing about Macavity?
► Macavity, known as the Mystery Cat has defied all laws. He even defies the law of gravity. He possesses supernatural powers which allow him to levitate up in the air. He is so confident in his manner that whenever the crime is discovered, Macavity disappears without leaving a single trace.

3. Describe Macavity.
► Macavity is a tall and thin ginger cat whose eyebrows are deep with lines. He has sunken eyes which gives him a devil look. His coat is untidy and his whiskers are uncombed. He moves his head from side to side and his body movement is like that of a snake.

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