Extra Questions and Answers for The Accidental Tourist Class 9 English Moments

Important questions for Chapter 9 The Accidental Tourist has been prepared by our expert teachers. Students can read and learn from these questions and these are very important in their examination. Class 9 English Moments The Accidental Tourist extra questions are very helpful in understanding the chapter. It also help in the revision of the chapter. Students can rely on these important questions and answers taken from the chapter The Accidental Tourist to get good marks in their English Paper. By understanding these questions, students will be have better knowledge of the story.

Extra Questions and Answers for The Accidental Tourist Class 9 English Moments

The Accidental Tourist Extra Questions Class 9 English

Short Answer Type Questions for The Accidental Tourist

Answer the following questions in 30-40 words.

Question 1: What happened when the author was checking in the Logan Airport in Boston?
At the Logan airport, in Boston the author remembered that he had recently joined British Airways 'frequent flyer program'. He had put the card in the carry-on-bag that was hanging around the neck. He tried to open the bag but its chain got jammed. His finger got stuck in the zip. It started bleeding profusely. All papers from the bag spread. The scene was quite embarrassing.

Question 2: When the food was delivered, how did the author's wife conduct?
The author's wife knew her husband's state of confusion. When the author was on a tour with his family, she was worried. She pointed to their children to take the lids off the food. She also instructed them to be alert so that her husband might not put them in an awkward situation.

Question 3: What happens at the end of the day when Bill Bryson wears light coloured trousers?
Bill Bryson was a very confused and clumsy person. Usually he would sit on the chewing gum, ice cream, cough syrup. Their stains were more visible on light coloured trousers. So, it was advisable for him not to wear light coloured trousers to avoid embarrassing situation.

Question 4: Explain author's views on 'Ached to be Suave'.
The author believes that there are certain unwritten rules which dictate the way we should behave in public places. For instance, you should know proper manners while at dining table. It is considered uncivilized if you burp publicly. You should not make chomping noise while eating. The list is endless. 

Question 5: The author's wife remarked 'I can't believe you do this for a living'. Elucidate?
When the author's wife remarked "I can't believe you do this for a living", she was astounded at him, for he travelled a lot. She was astonished that despite travelling so frequently, he was still so clumsy at the same routine things he would do.

Question 6: According to the author, what is he worst at?
According to the author he is worst at living in the real world. By this he means that he can be extremely clumsy and confused.

Question 7: What was the author's worst experience in a flight?
The author's worst experience on a flight was when he sucked on the end of his pen. After some time, he realised that the pen had leaked all over his mouth, chin, tongue and gums.

Question 8: What is the author's most ardent wish?
The author's most ardent wish is to rise from a dinner table without looking as if he had just experienced an extremely localised seismic event, get in a car and close the door without leaving 14 inches of coat outside.

Question 9: Why does the author never get frequent flier miles?
The author never gets frequent flier miles as he either forgets to ask for the air miles when he checks in, or the check in clerk informs him that he is not entitled to them.

Question 10: Why does a check in clerk tell the author that he is not entitled to the frequent flier miles?
The ticket is in the name of B. Bryson and the frequent flier card is in the name of W. Bryson. Hence, the check in clerk has to inform the author that he is not entitled to the frequent flier miles.

Question 11: What does the author try to explain to the check in clerk regarding the confusion of 13. and W. Bryson?
The author explained that Bill and William are often used interchangeably and hence the confusion between B. and W. Bryson. But the check in clerk would not listen.

Question 12: What happened at the Logan Airport?
The author remembered that his frequent fliers card was in his carry on bag. However, the zip got stuck. When he finally yanked it, the zip gave way, and everything inside the bag was thrown on the floor.

Question 13: What fell outside the bag at Logan Airport?
Many things like newspaper cuttings and other loose papers, a 14- ounce tin of pipe tobacco, magazines, passport, English money, film and carefully sorted documents fell out of the bag at Logan Airport.

Question 14: Why was the author upset about the tobacco falling down?
The author was quite upset about the tobacco falling as he would then have to buy tobacco at a much higher cost.

Long Answer Type Questions for The Accidental Tourist

Answer the following questions in 100-150 words.

Question 1: Why did the author's dream of getting 'frequent flyer miles' fail everytime?
The author had a dream. He always wanted to get the frequent flyer miles. But he could not succeed because of his forgetfulness and carelessness. He had got a card issued indicating distance. But he never found his card in time. This frustrated him many times. Once he locked his card in the bag and when he tried to open the bag his finger stuck in it and it started bleeding. All papers from the bag spread here and there. Other time when he planned to fly one lakh miles a year, he could accumulate only 212 air miles. When he was going to Australia, he could not use his card as it had his name 'W. Bryson' and the ticket was in the name of B. Bryson'. Thus his dream remained unfulfilled.

Question 2: Would you characterize yourself as an accidental tourist in your own life? Do you know anyone you seem to be an accidental tourist?
I would not characterize myself as an accidental tourist. I am extremely organised. I pack everything according to need and priority a day before departure. I even make lists according to the online research that I do while planning. I have separate organizer bags for all my toiletries and electronics. I even wrap the liquids in cling so that nothing leaks.
Like Bill, my mother is quite an accidental tourist. She always keeps bumping into people and falling off things- be it a ladder, staircase or a chair. Once, while we were boarding a flight, right when she was about to enter the flight, somehow she fell and reached the bottom. It wasn't hilarious as all of us were quite scared of her getting hurt.

Question 3: The author is worst at living in the real world. Elucidate.
The author is worst at living in the real world. He seems to be confused most of the times. He can end up in entirely different destinations. For instance, when he went looking for a lavatory, he ended up in an entirely different alley, locked from inside. He forgets his own hotel room number and sometimes needs to ask two to three times in a day. He had joined a frequent flyer programme but he somehow had never got points added on to it. He would either forget it, take it out late or would be rejected.
He was quite clumsy as well. Once, he dropped a drink on a fellow passenger's lap. The flight attendant promptly helped them dean and she gave the author another drink. Some would probably call it some sort of a miracle, but he dropped it again on the same passenger. It is quite evident how he was quite bad in the real world.

Question 4: How is the experience of flying with his wife and kids different from that without them for the narrator?
When Bill travels with his family, his wife would always warn the children to put their hoods up or ask them to take the lid off the food for Bill. His wife takes a lot of caution to avoid any moment of clumsiness which might result into embarrassment or even discomfort for someone else. However, when Bill travels alone, he doesn't eat or drink. He has learnt from his past experiences. So he doesn't tie his shoelaces or put a pen in his mouth too. He sits very quietly, sometimes even on his hands to keep them from making any unexpected moves.
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