Extra Questions and Answers for A House is Not a Home Class 9 English Moments

Important questions for Chapter 8 A House is Not a Home has been prepared by our expert teachers. Students can read and learn from these questions and these are very important in their examination. Class 9 English Moments A House is Not a Home extra questions are very helpful in understanding the chapter. It also help in the revision of the chapter. Students can rely on these important questions and answers taken from the chapter A House is Not a Home to get good marks in their English Paper. By understanding these questions, students will be have better knowledge of the story.

Extra Questions and Answers for A House is Not a Home Class 9 English Moments

A House is Not a Home Extra Questions Class 9 English

Short Answer Type Questions for A House is Not a Home

Answer the following questions in 30-40 words.

Question 1: How did the author feel in the new high school?
The author was much attached to his old school, teachers and friends. In the new school, nobody knew him. He neither had any friend nor tried to make any. It was a big school and the atmosphere was unfamiliar. So he felt at a loss, isolated and lonely among strangers.

Question 2: What happened one Sunday afternoon when the author was at home?
The author was doing his homework. It was Sunday and outside it was very cold. Suddenly, the author smelt something strange. He saw that the fire was coming in through the ceiling. Soon, he found that the whole house was on fire.

Question 3: How did the mother behave when she discovered fire in the house?
When the house was on fire, the author's mother ran to collect all important documents. She also tried to save her husband's pictures and letters as they were very precious to her.

Question 4: What happened to the author's cat?
In the fierce fire, almost everything was burnt. When the author went inside the house, he noticed that his cat was nowhere to be seen. He searched the whole house but couldn't fmd it anywhere. It might have been injured in the fire or would have run away due to fear.

Question 5: When did the author realize he was not alone?
The author's house was burnt down in a fierce fire. He felt sad and lonely. Next day he reached the school and found that his friends were also concerned. The feelings of insecurity vanished and he realized that he was not alone.

Question 6: What happened to the author's mother? How did fireman tackle her?
When the author's mother saw the house on fire, she rushed inside to get important documents. She rushed inside again to get the pictures of her husband. She had inhaled a lot of smoke. The firemen got her outside and gave her an oxygen mask.

Question 7: How much damage had the fire caused to the house?
The fire had damaged the whole house. The house was burnt to the ground. There was nothing left- no clothes, no books. The only things that had not got burnt were what the author's mother had got outside-some important documents and a few photographs of his father.

Question 8: How did he author go to school the next day?
The author went to school in a very dishevelled state. He did not have his shoes and hence he had to borrow a pair from his aunt. He did not have any clothes as well. Moreover, he was very upset and felt very embarrassed about going to a new school like that.

Question 9: How did the author get back his cat?
The author would often go and see his house after the tragedy. Once, he was there with his friends when someone tapped on his shoulder and said, "Is this yours?* When he turned around, he saw a stranger with his cat. The cat was so scared of the fire that it had run very far away. The stranger made a lot of efforts to find the owner.

Question 10: What was being missed terribly by the author?
The author missed his old friends and the comfort and security they provided him with. After the fire, he missed the comfort love and warmth of his friends even more. But, once he made new friends at the new school, he would often think about his cat who he presumed to be dead in the fire.

Question 11: When did the author feel like Christmas at school?
The day after the fire, the author was still feeling very lost. He felt as if everyone was trying to hurry him up to the gym. When he reached the gym, he understood why. On a big table in the centre, there were many things that all the other students had collected that he might need. From notebooks to medical supplies to clothes, there was a lot. He felt as if it was Christmas.

Question 12: Why was the author unable to withdraw money from the bank?
The author and his mother had lost everything in the fire. They didn't have any cash, credit cards or identification to withdraw any money from the bank.

Long Answer Type Questions for A House is Not a Home

Answer the following questions in 100-150 words.

Question 1: How did Zan's life change after the tragic fire?
When Zan went to a new school, he didn't have any friends. He didn't even know any teachers. The school was twice as big as his previous school. He felt very lost there. He missed the comfort and security of his friends. He would go back to his old school just to meet his old teachers.
His house had burnt down in a fire. Nothing was left except a few pictures and important documents that his mother had saved. The worst thing was that he could not find his cat. He had saved it when it was a kitten and since then they had always been together. They were very attached to each other.
All these things made Zan sad.

Question 2: Why did the author's mother run back into the house twice?
The author's house caught fire. The fire spread so fast that it engulfed the whole house in no time. He and his mother rushed outside. The fire was out of control. His mother ran inside to bring the metal box that contained all the important documents. She knew the value of these documents. She left the box outside and rushed back into the house. She was looking for the photographs and letters of her husband. Actually the author's father had died and his photographs were very precious for them. In the process, she also got injured, but she cared the least for herself.

Question 3: How did the author feel after he went to his new school after the fire tragedy in the house?
One Sunday, the author's house caught fire. He lost everything. He was quite down and was feeling insecure. Next day when he reached the school, he was not properly dressed. Everyone gazed at him. He felt very embarrassed. But soon he realized that the students had sympathy for him. Everyone's attitude towards him had changed. His friends took him to the room where they had placed all the necessary things like school items and clothes. They were much concerned about the incident and wanted to help the author in every possible way. The author was then convinced that things were going to be okay. His friends helped him rebuild the house. He was feeling secure among them.
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