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The Pace for Living - R.C. Hutchinson Questions Answers

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Important Questions for The Pace for Living

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R.C. Hutchinson

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Panorama Part 2

Questions Answers for The Pace for Living by R.C. Hutchinson

1. What is the writer's opinion on travelling fast?


The life style of modern people has became very fast. They have greater facilities for rapid movement. In the modern mars trains and aeroplane can carry us to different places. One can dine in London and have lunch in New York the Fast travel gives us a sense of drama and excitement which our ancestors lacked.

2. Write a few sentences about the elderly Corn-merchant.


Sketch the Character of Corn-merchant.


The elderly Corn-merchant was the chief character in way which the writer was watching in Dublin. He lived in a all Trish country town. He was a man of anxieties. His heart was by He was very tensed because he was a man of weak heart.

3. What sort of excitement do we have today which our ancestors did not lack/experience?


The rapid movement which we find in our lives today is an excitement which our ancestors did not experience. The machines, cars and aeroplanes have made movement very fast. Today we can dine in London and take lunch in New York. It gives us a superficial sense of drama which our ancestors did not visualize.

4. The fast life of the western society is compelling the westerners to turn to India. Discuss.


Today, life is a very fast one. Everyone wants to get the maximum and reach the highest point at the earliest. The westerners have experienced the speedy business of life. The hectic behaviour of people has perplexed them and made them restless. They have lost their rest and pleasure of life. They do not get their contentment. The life has become monotonous.

5. What are the disadvantages of slow thinkers in the modern world?


According to R. C. Hutchinson, slow thinkers have to suffer in the modern world. They can not adjust their mental activities to the rapid pace of modern life. So, they are terribly handicapped in getting a living. They are left behind in the race for good jobs.

6. What enlightenment does the writer seek from his wife? What does it suggest about the plight of the modern man?


The writer says that when he goes to see a picture he finds himself totally confused regarding the movement of character on the screen. He asks his wife whether the girl he was watching in the cinema was the same who was at first.

7. Describe the writer dislike rapid movement in every field?


The writer does not dislike rapid movement in every field. He enjoys going in a car at ninety miles an hour. He is fascinated by aeroplanes flying at amazing speeds. He dislikes rapid speed of mental activities which follow the pace of machines.

8. In which situation does the writer find himself in the cinema?


When the writer goes to the cinema, he finds himself in hopeless situation. He cannot follow the fast movement of the story and rapid changes of scene and action. He has to seek his He's help in order to keep up with the rapid movement of the plot.

9. Who are taken to be slow thinkers? How are the slow thinkers handicapped today?


Slow thinkers means, persons possessing slow mind. The writer and others who could not cope up their thinking power with the speed of today's life are slow thinkers.

10. What does R.C. Hutchinson say about the intelligence tests?


R. C. Hutchinson says that the intelligence tests are designed to measure the speed of human mind. They do not indicate the knowledge of a man. The show how fast a man can think. So, they do not measure all the mental faculties.

11. Who was the chief character in the play "Hutchinson Watched' ?


The chief character was an elderly corn-merchant in a small Irish country town. The writer watched the play in Dublin.

12. How does the writer classify himself as a thinker?


R. C. Hutchinson classifies himself as a slow thinker. He says that he cannot keep pace with the fast thinking of the modern people. When he goes to the cinema, he finds it difficult to keep up with rapid changes of scene and action.

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