Vocation Class 6 English Summary

Here you will get Vocation Class 6 English Summary which will make sure that a student has understood the specifics of every chapter. It help the students in learning difficult word meanings and understanding  chapter in an easy way. Class 6 Summary will help you in getting the crux of the chapter. NCERT Solutions for Vocation Class 6 English can make things a little easier for you.

Vocation Class 6 English Summary

Vocation Class 6 English Summary

Vocation poem describes a child's desire for the freedom he sees in the lives of those around him. When the gong sounds ten in the morning, he walks to his school and sees the hawker selling bangles. The child thinks that there is nobody who tells the hawker to follow a particular route or visit a place at a particular time. He is a person of his own will and wants to become hawker spending days selling bangles.

Coming back in the afternoon at four in the afternoon, he sees a gardener digging the ground. He can do anything with his spade. He can soil his clothes with mud and can sit in the hot sun. The poet wants to be like a gardener and dig the garden and nobody can stop him from digging.

At night, when the child's mother sends him to bed. He sees through the open window that there is a watchman walking up and down the dark and lonely lane with his lantern. He never goes to bed. The child wants to become like watchman walking the streets all night and chasing the shadows.

Word Meanings

• Gong - big bell
• Lantern - lamp
• Hawker - vendor
• Crystal - glass
• Spade - tool to dig
• Swings - moves
• Takes him to task - scolds
• Lane - street
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