Chapter 4 The Old-Clock Shop Class 6 English Summary

Here you will find Chapter 4 The Old-Clock Shop Class 6 English Summary that will provide a quick glimpse of the chapter and will ensure that remembering and retaining the syllabus more easy and efficient. You will get to know about various important points and moral of the poem. Through these Class 6 Summary, a student can boost their preparation and assessment of understood concepts. NCERT Solutions for Chapter 4 The Old-Clock Shop will increase concentration among students.

The Old-Clock Shop Class 6 English Summary

The Old-Clock Shop Class 6 English Summary

It was Christmas Eve. The people were going home after shopping in Salt Lake City, USA..  The old clock shop was open till late hours. The owner of the shop Ray, who was old and deaf, was repairing the watch that he had sold that day. He got up to close his shop when two men came towards his shop. One was in his fifties and the other was in his twenties with no sign of friendliness in his eyes.

Ray realised that the visitor was not really a shopper. Ray had noticed something like a gun in the man's pocket. Ray was filled with rage, but he kept cool. Ray gave him a notepad and a pencil across the counter. The man's expression changed as he looked at the notepad. Ray was gentle but he did not lend money without security. The old man who was in a bad situation took out a wrist watch from his pocket and asked the shopkeeper how much he would get on selling that wrist watch. Ray understood that the man was needy. Ray asked him how much he needed for the watch.

Ray took out a fifty-dollar note from his cash-box and passed it to the man which he as well as the old man knew were more than what that wrist watch was worth. The man before going out of the shop wrote on a paper that he would soon come back to take it back and wrote Merry Christmas too. The story ended when all the clocks struck the midnight hour all together spreading the timeless message that peace, hope and goodwill prevails on this earth.

Word Meanings

• Shoppers - customers
• Ticked on - continued to tick
• Pawn broker - one who gives money on security
• Timeless - beyond time.
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