Chapter 5 Tansen Class 6 English Summary

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Tansen Class 6 English Summary

Tansen Class 6 English Summary

Tansen was one of the greatest musician of our country. He was the only child of a singer called Mukandan Misra and his wife lived in Behat near Gwalior. Tansen was very naughty from his childhood and used to play in the forest. One day famous musician Swami Haridas and his disciples were resting under a tree. Tansen frightened the disciples of Swami Haridas by roaring like a tiger. Swami was impressed with his copying talent and promised Tansen's father that he would make Tansen a great singer.

For eleven years, Tansen stayed with Swami Haridas and became a great singer at Rani Mrignaini's court. By this time Tansen's father had died. His dying wish was that Tansen should visit Mohammad Ghaus, a holy man of Gwalior. At Rani Mrignaini's court, Tansen met Hussaini and married her. The couple had five children who were all musical.

Tansen went to Akbar’s court in 1556 and soon became his favourite. Some of the emperor's courtiers were jealous of Tansen and wanted Tansen to prove his worth. Shaukat Mian, one of the courtiers, along with other people from the court plotted to destroy Tansen. He requested Akbar to make Tansen sing Raga Deepak. He knew that this Raga would burn him to ashes. Tansen was afraid but he didn't want to disobey the king. He asked the king to give him time to prepare.

At home, he taught Raga Megha to his daughter Saraswati and her friend Rupwati. He knew that this raga known to bring rain. When Tansen started singing, all the lamps started to light and soon it was very hot. At that time Saraswati and Rupwati sang Raga Megha. This brought rain and cool Tansen down. Although Tansen's life was saved, he became very ill. Akbar felt sorry and punished his opponents. Tansen remained Akbar’s court singer till 1585 when he died. Tansen’s tomb is in Gwalior which is a place of pilgrimage for musicians.

Word Meanings

• Imitate - copy
• Disciples - students
• Grove - orchard
• Strangers - unknown
• Insisted - forced
• Ruined - destroyed
• Courtiers - members of the court
• Down cast - depressed
• Alight - burning, on fire
• Assembled - gathered
• Perspiration - sweat,
• Rejoiced - great joy
• Pilgrimage - a sacred place
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