Chapter 4 The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom Class 7 English Summary

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Chapter 4 The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 4 The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom Class 7 English Summary

The story is about an old couple who lived with their pet dog Muko. They were farmer and had no child. They loved Muko as it were their own child. One day the dog helped the old farmer to find treasure in the fields. There was a pile of gold before him and both of them became rich.

In the same village there lived a wicked old man and his wife who were wicked and greedy. They scolded all dogs whenever any passed their house. After they heard about their neighbours, they also tried to find treasure of with the help of dog. They brought the dog into their garden. They set before him good food. But the dog showed them the spot where a dead kitten lay buried. Due to anger, they killed the dog.

The dog's owners were saddened by the death of their dog which they loved as their son. They buried him. The spirit of the dog came in its master's dreams and helped his master in various ways. First time the dog's spirit told the farmer to make a mortar and a hand mill with the wood of the pine tree over its grave. The old farmer used this mortar for making rice pastry but instead, rice dough turned into a heap of gold coins.

While making bean sauce by using the hand mill, there dropped gold like rain from the mill. The greedy neighbour peeped into the window and decided to borrow the mill.  They borrowed the mortar and the hand mill. As a result of their greed, what all they got was just a foul mass of worms. After this, the spirit asked his master to collect the ashes of the mortar and hand mill, which were burnt by the wicked couple and sprinkle on the withered trees. That would make them bloom again.

The old man did so and the withered tree bloomed. Soon the kind old man heard that lord Daimio, was to pass near the village. He set out to see him taking his basket of magic ash along. He climbed a withered cherry tree that stood by the wayside. When the daimio's procession drew near, he scattered a pinch of ashes over the tree and it burst into blossom. Diamio's saw this wonder and rewarded the kind old farmer.

This time again, the wicked couple tried to do the same thing. As the greedy old man sprinkled the ashes on the withered tree, instead of blooming the tree, it blew with the wind and caused trouble to Diamio and his wife. Due tot their behaviour, Diamio got upset and punished the greedy neighbour. He was beaten badly and left on the road. He died in the mud. However, the kind old man and his wife lived a happy long life.

Word Meaning

• Daimios - wealthy landowners
• Demure -calm
• Tidbits - small pieces of food
• Heron - a white bird
• Chopsticks - pairs of thin, small, tapered sticks of wood used for eating Chinese food
• Turned up - dug up
• Smothered - Suffocated
• Petted - Caressed
• Gleamed - Glowed
• Whining - moaning
• motioning - pointing
• Dripping - Falling liquid
• Palanquin - is a portable bed or couch, open or enclosed, that is mounted on two poles and carried by means of poles resting on shoulders of several men.
• Carcass - the dead body of an animal
• flung - throw or hurt forcefully
• Wither - become dry and shrivelled
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