Chapter 5 Quality Class 7 English Summary

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Chapter 5 Quality Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 5 Quality Class 7 English Summary

Mr Gessler was a German boot-maker settled in London. He made very good quality boots that lasted very long.  He used to make boots for the author's father. He lived with his elder brother in his shop in a small street in London. His shop had no sign except the name “Gessler Brothers." Mr. Gessler once told the author that boot making is an art when asked that wasn't it quite difficult to make such perfect boots. The author too used to visit him but only when he needed a new pair of shoes. Mr. Gessler's shop had a distinctive peaceful ambience which made the author feel like a church there. He made his boots with utmost perfection and would not let anyone touch them.

There had only been once such occasion when the author had to complain about the creaking of the boots made by Mr. Gessler. He asked him to send them back and said that if they were not repaired, he would refund for them.

Once the author visited the boot-maker in another pair of shoes bought from some other shop. He looked at his shoes and remarked that those were not the shoes he made. The author had bought those shoes in an emergency from a big firm. The German boot-maker commented that big firms have no self-respect. They lure customers with their advertisements and not with their works. Due to this Mr. Gessler were losing a lot of business. Th author felt pity for him and ordered many pairs of boots from him. These boots lasted for almost two years and thus, the author did not get an opportunity to go to Mr. Gessler.

Next time, when the author went to his shop, he found Mr. Gessler too aged and drained. He also came to know about his elder brother's death. This time also, the author ordered many pairs of boots and he left for abroad.

 After this, it was more than a year that the author went to Mr. Gessler's shop. This time he was looking very more aged. In just one year of time, he felt that Mr. Gessler looked more than fifteen years older. Mr Gessler failed to recognise the author. As usual, the author placed his orders and this time the boots were better than ever.

Just a week later, while passing the little street, the author went to Mr. Gessler shop to personally to thank him for the wonderful the shoes. But the name plate was missing from the shop.  There was a young English man in the shop. The author enquired him about Mr Gessler.  He told the author that he was dead. Th man said he worked hard without eating or resting enough. He also didn't have enough money and everything he had went in rent and leather. The author concluded by saying, "he made good boots."

Word Meaning

• Essence - Fundamental
• Guttural - Throaty
• Splendidly - in a very impressive manner
• lasted terribly: lasted very long
• incense: The smell of leather is compared to the smell of incense in a church.
• Leather apron - A cloth of leather worn over other clothes to keep them safe
• Whence - From where
• Wan -Pale and weak
• Zlack dime (Slack dime) - time of not much business
• To the very last - until the end
• Worn out - old
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