Chapter 10 An Alien Hand Class 7 English Summary

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Chapter 10 An Alien Hand Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 10 An Alien Hand Class 7 English Summary

The story is about Tilloo who was a small boy who live in Mars. He lived with his parents beneath the surface of Mars under artificial conditions. Tilloo had never seen the Sun or the stars. His father went to his work daily from an underground passage. Tilloo was forbidden to go there.

Being curious, he, one day finding the opportunity, steals his father's security card, which grants him the access to the passage. He walks along the passage and reaches a big door. He inserts the card in the slot and then collects the card from another slot from which it comes out. He opened the door and came to an underground tunnel which led to the surface of the planet. But the security persons caught Tilloo before he could go ten steps. The security staff brought Tilloo back home. His mother was furious but his father explained everything to him. He told Tilloo that an ordinary person cannot survive on the surface because the air is too thin to breathe and the temperature is too cold.

He also told Tilloo that when he goes out to work he goes well equipped with space suit, oxygen, warmboots and clothes. He has also been trained to survive there. His father also told him that their forefathers lived on the surface for millions of years, but then the sun gave warmth and light to their planet. But slowly the balance of nature got upset. Birds, animals and fishes became extinct. Man managed to stay alive underground in artificial conditions. They produced power from sunlight and Tilloo’s father’s job was to keep the machines on the surface in working condition. Tilloo understood everything and he decided to be like his father when he grew up.

Next day Tilloo’s father found a crowd watching the big T.V screen which showed that something from the other planet was heading towards them. Everyone wondered about the strangers in that spacecraft. The president announced that it had been reported that two spacecrafts were approaching them. A conference was called to decide what to do with these crafts. It was decided that they would adopt a wait and watch policy because these crafts were unmanned. Tilloo also accompanied his father to the control room. He saw the crafts landing and one mechanical hand collecting soil. Tilloo pressed a red button and the hand stopped working.

On earth a press conference was held and the scientist told that a sudden defect had developed in the mechanical hand which had been made to work again. It was then that the Viking Mission scientists concluded that there were no signs of life on Mars.

Word Meanings

• Forbidden - Not allowed
• Barred - Stopped
• Siesta - Short rest or nap after lunch
• Habitat - Shelter or home
• Escorted - Taken or led
• Beckon - Call someone’s attention to come near;
• Anxious - Troubled
• Hostile - Unfriendly
• Hitch - Pull up with a jerk
• Wistful - Longing
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