Chapter 9 A Tiger in the House Class 7 English Summary

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Chapter 9 A Tiger in the House Class 7 English Summary

Chapter 9 A Tiger in the House Class 7 English Summary

The narrator's Grandfather found a tiger cub in the Terai jungle near Dehra. He brought him home. He was named Timothy. At first he was fed on milk in a feeding bottle. But when it was found that milk did not suit him, he was given raw mutton and cod-liver oil.  Later on, he was fed on pigeons and rabbits. He had two companions Toto – the monkey and a puppy. They played together. The monkey sometimes pulled his tail but when Timothy became angry, he climbed up the curtains. At first, Timothy was afraid of the puppy and ran away if he came near him. But later on, he let the puppy crawl on his back and rest there.

When the narrator came to live with his grandfather, he became Timothy's favourite. He started
playing with the narrator. Timothy would roll over his back, kick with delight and pretend to bite his ankle. When the narrator took him out for a walk, people avoided him. Timothy usually sat on the sofa in the drawing room.

When Timothy was about six months old, he became less friendly. He would stalk cats and dogs and ate the hens in the poultry. He also started to stalk the cook Mahmoud with seemingly wrong intensions. All go to the zoo. Grandfather took Timothy to Lucknow in a reserved first class compartment. There he gave him to the zoo. The zoo authorities received the well fed tiger gladly.

When the grandparents went to Lucknow after six months to meet some relatives. Grandfather had decided to meet Timothy and went straight to the cage where he had been kept. He said hello to him and put his hands around its head. The tiger licked grandfather's hands. Grandfather noticed that the leopard in the next cage kept frightening and teasing Timothy. Grandfather wanted Timothy to be moved to another cage, away from the leopard. In the meantime, a keeper came there. Grandfather told him that the leopard was frightening the tiger. He should, therefore, be put in another cage. The keeper was surprised to find the bad-tempered tiger licking Grandfather's hand. He went to speak about this with the superintendent but could not find him.

As he was stroking and slapping the tiger, a keeper noticed him. He recognized Grandfather and informed him that it was not Timothy but a wild and dangerous tiger which had been caught just a month ago. He also told Grandfather about Timothy's death due to pneumonia two months back. Grandfather was shocked hearing this. He saw the tiger was still licking his arm as was smelling fresh food. Grandfather somehow took his hand out of the cage. He bade good night to the tiger and left the zoo quickly.

Word Meanings

• Strolling - Leisurely walk 
• Intricate - Complicated
• Absurd - Strange
• Dashes - Violent movements
• Snarling - Growling (a type of sound)
• Slink - Go away stealthily
• Relish - To enjoy
• Scornful - Full of hatred
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