Chapter 1 A Tale of Two Birds Class 6 English Summary

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A Tale of Two Birds Class 6 English Summary

Chapter 1 A Tale of Two Birds Class 6 English Summary

In a forest there lived a mother bird with her two new born baby birds. One day, there was a big storm and the mother was killed and the young birds were separated from each other. One of them landed near a cave of the robbers, whereas, the other one was drifted near a place in the forest where a rishi used to live.

As the days passed, both the baby birds turned into adult birds. One day a king visited the forest to hunt. He saw a deer and chased it deep into the forest. The king followed the deer for a long time and lost his way. He stood near a cave when he heard a big brown bird’s voice calling out to some robbers to come and snatch the king’s jewels and horse. The king was alarmed and quickly got on his horse and rode away.

Soon, the king arrived outside the rishi's ashram. He tied his horse to a tree and sat down under its shade. Suddenly, he heard voice of another bird. It welcomed the king to the ashram, and asked him to go inside to drink cold water and make himself comfortable. The king was very surprised. The Rishi soon came back. The king told Rishi how each had behaved so differently though they looked so alike.. The rishi explained to the king that the bird who lived near the robber's cave, behaved like them, and the bird who lived near the ashram welcomes people to the ashram. After all 'one is known by the company one keeps.'

Word Meanings

• Thunder - roaring of clouds
• Robbers - thieves
• Got off - got down
• Aloud - with full throttle
• Alike - similar
• Holy man - saint
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