NCERT Solutions for Class 6th: Ch 1 A Tale of Two Birds A Pact with the Sun English

Page No: 3


1. How did the two baby birds get separated?


The two baby birds get separated which blew them away to the other side of the forest.

2. Where did each of them find a home?


One of the baby bird found its home near a cave where a gang of robbers lived and other baby bird found its home outside a rishi’s ashram.

3. What did the first bird say to the stranger?


The first bird cried out to stranger to hurry up as someone is under tree. He said to take his jewels and his horse or else quickly or else he will slip away.

4. What did the second bird say to him?


The second bird welcomed him. The bird asked him to come inside and make himself comfortable. He looks tired so should take rest and can share his food.

5. How did the rishi explain the different ways in which the birds behaved?


The rishi explained that one is known by the company one keeps. Their behaviour depend on them. The first bird always heard the robbers and therefore talks about robbing people. The second bird lived near ashram and therefore welcomed him inside.

6. Which one of the following sums up the story best?
(i) A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
(ii) One is known by the company one keeps.
(iii) A friend in need is a friend indeed.


(ii) One is known by the company one keeps.

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