MCQ Questions for Class 11 History: Ch 3 An Empire Across Three Continents

MCQ Questions for Class 11 History: Ch 3 An Empire Across Three Continents

1. The Ostrogoths established their kingdom in Italy in the year
(a) 493 CE
(b) 494 CE
(c) 495 CE
(d) 496 CE
► (a) 493 CE

2. The religion of Islam arose during the
(a) 5th century CE
(b) 8th century CE
(c) 6th century CE
(d) 7th century CE
► (d) 7th century CE

3. The Roman emperor who consolidated the rise of provincial upper classes so as to exclude the senators from military command was
(a) Augustus
(b) Constantine
(c) Gallienus
(d) Tiberius
► (c) Gallienus

4. Augustus, the first Roman Emperor was called the ‘leading citizen’ whose Latin term is
(a) 'Basileus'.
(b) 'Dominus'.
(c) 'Princeps'.
(d) 'Res gestae'.
► (c) 'Princeps'.

5. Christianity became the state religion of Roman Empire in the
(a) 1st century CE.
(b) 2nd century CE.
(c) 3rd century CE.
(d) 4th century CE.
► (d) 4th century CE.

6. The emperor who made Christianity the official religion in the Roman Empire was
(a) Alexander
(b) Augustus
(c) Constantine
(d) Nero
► (c) Constantine

7. In the Roman urban life, the entertainment shows called “spectacula’ happened for at least
(a) 150 days
(b) 160 days
(c) 167 days
(d) 176 days
► (d) 176 days

8. The Roman Empire got best kind of wine from the city of
(a) Byzaciuma
(b) Campania
(c) Naples
(d) Sicily
► (b) Campania

9. The Roman silver coin, known as denarius, weighed _________ gm of pure silver.
(a) 2½
(b) 3½
(c) 4½
(d) 5½
► (c) 4½

10. Saint Augustine was bishop of the North African city of
(a) Annaba
(b) Algeria
(c) Hippo
(d) Numidia
► (c) Hippo

11. ______ and Greek languages were used in administration of the Roman Empire.
(a) Chinese
(b) Mayan
(c) Latin
(d) Turkish
► (c) Latin

12. Roman ruler _____ was considered as the ‘leading citizen’ only to show that he was not the absolute ruler.
(a) Augustus
(b) Constantine
(c) Gallienus
(d) Tiberius
► (a) Augustus

13. What were Amphorae?
(a) A type of army
(b) A type of container
(c) A type of district administrator
(d) None of the above
► (b) A type of container

14. The best kind of wine came to Rome from _______
(a) Fayum
(b) Byzacium
(c) Galilee
(d) Campania 
► (d) Campania

15. Which one of the following is a rive that form the boundary of Roman Empire?
(a) Mekong River
(b) Rhine River
(c) Amur River
(d) Yangtze River
► (b) Rhine River

16. The ______ System of the Roman Empire was the system of government in which the real power vested in the Senate.
(a) Democrat
(b) Republican
(c) Maoist
(d) Marxist
► (b) Republican
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