MCQ Questions for Class 11 History: Ch 4 The Central Islamic Lands

MCQ Questions for Class 11 History: Ch 4 The Central Islamic Lands

1. The Umayyad Emperor who introduced Arabic as the language of administration was
(a) Abd al-Malik
(b) Ali
(c) Abbas
(d) Muawiya
► (a) Abd al-Malik

2. The followers and non-followers of Ali were called
(a) Arabs and Iranians.
(b) Shias and Sunnis.
(c) Umayyads and Abbasids.
(d) Byzantines and Sasanids
► (b) Shias and Sunnis.

3. The Caliph during whose reign the Hijri was established was:
(a) Abu Bakr
(b) Muhammad
(c) Uthman
(d) Umar
► (d) Umar

4. What was the name given to nomadic Arab tribes?
(a) Sanam
(b) Qabila
(c) Bedouins
(d) Umma
► (c) Bedouins

5. Zakat was an/a
(a) agriculture tax
(b) alms tax
(c) religious tax
(d) trade tax
► (b) alms tax

6. The semi-histrical works sira in the Islamic history are
(a) biographies
(b) chronicles
(c) eyewitness reports
(d) inscriptions
► (a) biographies

7. Caliph Muawiya shifted his capital to
(a) Rome
(b) Medina
(c) Mecca
(d) Damascus
► (d) Damascus

8. The woman-saint sufi who, in her poems, preached instense love for God by uniting with God was
(a) Rabia.
(b) Aisha
(c) Fatima
(d) Khadija
► (a) Rabia.

9. After the Arabs and Iranians, the group that was rising to power on the Islamic scene was the
(a) Buyids.
(b) Iranians.
(c) Samanid.
(d) Turks.
► (d) Turks.

10. The sub-sect of Shiism, from which the Fatimids descended, is known as the
(a) Ismaili
(b) Shia
(c) Sunni
(d) Umma
► (a) Ismaili

11. Prophet Muhammad declared himself to be the messenger of God
(a) around 610 CE.
(b) around 611 CE.
(c) around 612 CE.
(d) around 613 CE.
► (c) around 612 CE.

12. Prophet Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina with his followers in 622 CE is called hijra:
(a) Hijra
(b) Kaba
(c) Mecca
(d) Calipha
► (a) Hijra

13. By whom Ali assassinated?
(a) Muawiya
(b) Kharji
(c) Bedouins
(d) None of the above
► (b) Kharji

14. Who introduced an islamic coinage.
(a) Abu Bakr
(b) Abd-al-Malik
(c) Uthman
(d) Umar
► (b) Abd-al-Malik
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