MCQ Questions for Class 11 Biology: Ch 15 Plant - Growth & Development

MCQ Questions for Class 11 Biology: Ch 15 Plant - Growth & Development

1. Auxin inhibits the growth of
(a) Apical bud
(b) Lateral axillary buds
(c) Roots on stem cutting
(d) Parthenocarpic development of fruits
► (b) Lateral axillary buds

2. Which of the growth substance acts as a stimulant during nodule formation in leguminous plant?
(a) Ethylene
(b) ABA
(c) IAA
(d) Morphactin
► (c) IAA

3. Primary precursor of I.A.A is
(a) Phenyl alanine
(b) Tyrosine
(c) Tryptophan
(d) Leucin
► (c) Tryptophan

4. Avena coleoptile test to find out the quantity of growth promoting hormones was discovered by
(a) F.W. Went
(b) L.J. Oudus
(c) K.V. Thimann
(d) F. Skoog
► (a) F.W. Went

5. Induction of rooting in stem cutting by auxin treatment would be beneficial in which of the following?
(a) Marchantia
(b) Wheat
(c) Cuscuta
(d) Bougainvillea
► (d) Bougainvillea

6. One set of a plant was grown at 12 hours day and 12 hours night period cycles and it flowered while in the other set night phase was interrupted by flash of light and it did not produce flower. Under which one of the following categories will you place this plant?[2004]
(a) Long day
(b) Darkness neutral
(c) Day neutral
(d) Short day
► (d) Short day

7. Which weedicide can defoliate the complete forest ?
(a) 2, 4–D
(b) MH
(c) AMO - 1618
(d) ABA
► (c) AMO - 1618

8. Which of the following effects of auxins is of wide application?
(a) Induction of fruit development
(b) Induction of root initiation
(c) Prevention of abscission
(d) All of the above
► (d) All of the above

9. Which of the following prevents the fall of fruits ?
(a) GA3
(b) NAA
(c) Ethylene
(d) Zeatin
► (b) NAA

10. If the tip of a seedling is cut off growth as well as bending ceases because it hampers
(a) Respiration
(b) Photosynthesis
(c) Perception of light stimulus
(d) Transpiration
► (c) Perception of light stimulus

11. Identify the cytokinin given below
(a) IAA
(b) Zeatin
(c) Kinetin
(d) None of these
► (c) Kinetin

12. All changes that an organism goes through during its life cycle is called as
(a) Development
(b) Elongation
(c) Differentiation
(d) Maturation
► (a) Development

13. Parthenocarpy can be induced to develop seedless fruit by application of
(a) Ethylene and gibberellins
(b) Zeatin and IAA
(c) IBA and cytokinin
(d) IAA and IBA
► (d) IAA and IBA

14. Phototropic curvature is the result of uneven distribution of:
(a) gibberellin
(b) phytochrome
(c) cytokinins
(d) auxin
► (d) auxin

15. Apical dominance means
(a) Suppression of growth of apical bud by axillary buds
(b) Suppression of growth of axillary buds by the presence of apical bud.
(c) Stimulation of growth of axillary buds by removal of apical bud
(d) Inhibition of growth of axillary buds by removal of apical bud.
► (b) Suppression of growth of axillary buds by the presence of apical bud.

16. The compounds that inhibit the action of auxin are known as -
(a) Antiauxins
(b) Auxins promotors
(c) Auxin precursors
(d) Both (a) and (b)
► (a) Antiauxins

17. Seedless fruits can be obtained by treating the unpollinated ovaries with
(a) Colchicine
(b) Sucrose solution
(c) Hormones
(d) Pure lanolin
► (c) Hormones

18. Flowering in short day plants is stimulated by
(a) Short day and uninterrupted long nights
(b) Short day and short night
(c) Short nights
(d) Short day interrupted long nights
► (a) Short day and uninterrupted long nights

19. Opening of floral buds into flowers, is a type of:
(a) autonomic movement of variation
(b) paratonic movement of growth
(c) autonomic movement of growth
(d) autonomic movement of locomotion.
► (c) autonomic movement of growth

20. Apical dominance in higher plants is due to
(a) Phyto hormones
(b) Enzymes
(c) Carbohydrates
(d) Photoperiodism
► (a) Phyto hormones

21. Photoperiodism stimulus is perceived by
(a) Meristem
(b) Flower
(c) Leaves
(d) Buds
► (c) Leaves

22. Which one of the following nutrients is concerned with the growth of the plants in view of their role in synthesis of auxin:
(a) S
(b) Mn
(c) Zn
(d) K
► (c) Zn

23. Which of the following induces femaleness in plants ?
(a) Auxin & ethylene
(b) Ethanol
(c) ABA
(d) Gibberellin
► (a) Auxin & ethylene

24. Auxin is mainly produced by
(a) Apical root meristem
(b) Root cambium
(c) Apical shoot meristem
(d) Phloem in shoot tip
► (c) Apical shoot meristem

25. A hormone delaying senescence is
(a) Ethylene
(b) Gibberellin
(c) Cytokinin
(d) Auxin
► (c) Cytokinin

26. Maximum growth occurs in
(a) Leg phase
(b) Senescent phase
(c) Exponential phase
(d) Stationary phase
► (c) Exponential phase

27. Which of the following exerts profound effect on the reproductive growth of a flowering plant ?
(a) Quality of light
(b) Quantity of light
(c) Direction of light
(d) Duration of light cycles
► (d) Duration of light cycles

28. Auxanometer is meant for measuring
(a) Respiratory activity
(b) Photosynthetic activity
(c) Growth activity
(d) Osmotic pressure
► (c) Growth activity

29. Which of the following events are arranged in correct order?
(a) Development, differentiation, growth
(b) Differentiation, growth, development
(c) Growth, differentiation, development
(d) Growth, development, differentiation
► (c) Growth, differentiation, development

30. Parthenocarpy is the production of
(a) Fruits with pollination
(b) Fruits without fertilization
(c) Seeds with fertilization
(d) Only seeds and no fruits
► (b) Fruits without fertilization

31. A plant hormone used for inducing morphogenesis in plant tissue culture is
(a) Gibberellin
(b) Ethylene
(c) Abscisic acid
(d) Cytokinin
► (d) Cytokinin

32. One of the synthetic auxin is:
(a) IAA
(b) GA
(c) IBA
(d) NAA
► (d) NAA
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