Ch 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Summary Class 11 Snapshots by William Saroyan

In this page, we have provided The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Summary which is from the book Class 11 Snapshots. It will be useful in understanding the story and characters of the chapter easily. The story is written by William Saroyan, American-Armenian novelist in a first person style. If you want to understand the story more clearly then you can visit The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Hindi Summary also.

Ch 1 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Summary Class 11 Snapshots by William Saroyan

The story is about two tribal Armenian boys who are from Garoghlanian tribe. Despite they are poor, they never even stole anything. Their tribe is known for trust and honesty.

The narrator name is Aram who is nine years old boy. The incidents of the story are focused on him and his cousin, Mourad who is thirteen years old. He is adventurous and considered to be crazy by everybody he knew. Both of them love horse riding but as they were poor they can't afford a horse.

The story starts when one summer morning, Mourad came to Aram's house and woke him up by tapping on the room-window. Aram woke up and looked out of the window and surprised when he saw his cousin Mourad was sitting on a beautiful white horse. He could not believe that Mourad had bought or borrowed a horse. There was only one other way left that he stole it but it could not be believed as no member of the Garoghlanian tribe could be a thief.

Aram, asked his cousin where he had stolen that horse but didn't get reply. Mourad asked him to leap out of the window if he wanted to ride. Aram is also tempted to ride. He justified the act to himself that stealing a horse for horse riding and stealing someone's money are two different things. They could be accused of theft only when they sold the horse.

Aram put on his clothes and sat behind the brother on the horse. Behind their house was the country: vineyards, orchards, irrigation ditches, and country roads. The horse started running and Mourad started singing aloud. There was a crazy streak in the family which Mourad had inherited. His Uncle Khosrove was also crazy. He was fierce, irritable and impatient. He did not let anyone speak. Although Mourad's own father Zorab was a very practical man. But Mourad was the natural descendant of his uncle.

At last Mourad asked Aram to get down. He wanted to ride alone. Aram asked him if he would let him ride alone. Mourad replied that it was up to the horse. His cousin Mourad kicked his heels into the horse and shouted, Vazire, run. The horse stood on its hind legs, snorted, and ran with full speed. Mourad raced the horse across a field of dry grass to an irrigation ditch, crossed the ditch on the horse, and five minutes later returned.

Mourad got off the horse and narrator sat on the horse but the horse did not move. Aram kicked into the muscles of the horse. It reared, snorted and began to run. Instead of running across the field to the irrigation ditch the horse ran down the road to the vineyard of Dikran Halabian and leaped over seven vines. Aram fell but the horse continued running. It took them half an hour to find and bring back the horse.

It was morning. The whole world was awake. Their problem was to hide the horse. Aram asked him again how long ago he had stolen the horse. Mourad told him a little lie and say that they had started riding that very morning. Mourad hid the horse in a deserted vineyard belonging to farmer Fetvajian. There were some oats and dry alfalfa in the barn.

That evening Uncle Khosrove arrived at Aram's house. Then another person named John Byro also reached there. He complained that his white horse was stolen last month. Uncle Khosrove silenced him in his high voice as per his habit. Aram's mother consoled Byro.

Aram ran to Mourad's house to tell him about John Byro. Aram wanted to learn horse riding thus, he asked Mourad not to return it till he learnt to ride.  Mourad told him that he would keep the horse for maximum six months. Every morning the horse threw Aram and ran away.

One morning when they were taking the horse to the barn, they met John Byro. Mourad went forward to do the talking. John Byro examined the horse and swore that it was just like his horse. He also counted the teeth of the horse to make sure. But Mourad told him with confidence that his horse was named My Heart and it was his animal. Byro believed them because he knew that his family was known for honesty. He told them that perhaps the horse was the twin of his own stolen horse.

Early the next morning, the cousins took the horse to Byro's vineyard and put it there. That afternoon, John Byro came to Aram's house and shared the news of the return of his horse with Aram's mother. He, however, wondered at the change that occurred in the horse. It looked stronger than ever and better tempered too. He thanked God for the recovery but Uncle Khosrove was irritated and shouted at him to shut up.

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