MCQ Questions for Class 7 Civics: Ch 4 Growing up as Boys and Girls

MCQ Questions for Class 7 Civics: Ch 4 Growing up as Boys and Girls

1. At what age did the boys of Samoan join older boys for learning outdoor jobs
(a) 6
(b) 9
(c) 13
(d) 10
► (b) 9

2. Which was a very important activity on the Samoan islands?
(a) Quarrying
(b) Fishing
(c) Mining
(d) Dairy farming
► (b) Fishing

3. The government has passed laws that make it mandatory for organisations that have more than ____ employees to provide cr-che facilities.
(a) 40 men
(b) 40 women
(c) 30 men
(d) 30 women
► (d) 30 women

4. Which method was adopted by the women?s movement to fight for the women's right
(a) Violence
(b) Campaigning
(c) Harassment
(d) War
► (b) Campaigning

5. This term is commonly used to describe the women's work situation. It has emerged from a recognition that women typically labour both inside the home (housework) -and outside.
(a) Double-work
(b) Double-labour
(c) Double-burden
(d) Double-recognition
► (c) Double-burden

6. Rashsundari Devi (1800-1890), who was born in, which state some 200 years ago
(a) West Bengal
(b) Odisha
(c) Kerala
(d) Jharkhand
► (a) West Bengal

7. When someone is not given due recognition for a task or job they have done, they can feel _____
(a) De-valued
(b) Re-valued
(c) Pre-valued
(d) No-valued
► (a) De-valued

8. When we believe that people belonging to particular groups based on religion, wealth, language are bound to have certain fixed characteristics or can only do a certain type of work, we create a
(a) Prejudice
(b) Stereotype
(c) Discrimination
(d) Difference
► (b) Stereotype

9. On which day, International Women's Day is celebrated
(a) 8 July 
(b) 8 August
(c) 8 March 
(d) 8 June
► (c) 8 March 

10. It is a social construct and cannot be determined by biological differences
(a) Sex
(b) Feminine
(c) Gender
(d) Masculine
► (c) Gender

11. __________ is a sense of self-awareness of who one is.
(a) Reputation
(b) Dignity
(c) Self concept
(d) Identity
► (d) Identity

12. When we do not treat people equally or with respect we are indulging in
(a) Devalued
(b) Discrimination
(c) Difference
(d) Double valued
► (b) Discrimination

13. It refers to a range of tasks related to looking after and nurturing. Besides physical tasks, they also involve a strong emotional aspect.
(a) Care-giving
(b) Care-looking
(c) Double-giving
(d) Physical-giving
► (a) Care-giving

14. After the age of ____ or so, girls also went on fishing trips, worked in the plantations and learnt how to weave baskets.
(a) 9
(b) 14
(c) 12
(d) 18
► (b) 14

15. What per cent of working women in India are engaged in agricultural work?
(a) 84.8
(b) 82.5
(c) 81.7
(d) 83.6
► (d) 83.6

16. From which class did the girls and boys go to separate school in a town in Madhya Pradesh
(a) From 5th class onwards
(b) From 6th class onwards
(c) From 7th class onwards
(d) From 8th class onwards
► (b) From 6th class onwards

17. Chaitanya Bhagabat is about the
(a) life of a politician
(b) life of a teacher
(c) life of a rich men
(d) life of a saint
► (d) life of a saint

18. Every year, on 14 August, several thousand people gather at Wagah on the border of _____ and hold a cultural programme.
(a) India and Pakistan
(b) India and Sri Lanka
(c) India and China
(d) India and Nepal
► (a) India and Pakistan
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