CBSE Class 11 Home Science Syllabus 2020-21| Check Latest Exam Pattern

CBSE has released revised Class 11 Maths Syllabus 2020-21 that will be useful in knowing the important topics which will be come in the examinations. Due to coronavirus pandemic, the board has reduced the syllabus by approx 70 percent. The question paper will be of 80 Marks while Practical will be given 30 marks.

CBSE Class 11 Home Science Syllabus 2020-21

No. Units Marks
I Introduction to Home Science  23
II Understanding oneself: Adolescence 30
III Understanding Family, Community and Society 10
IV Childhood 07
V Adulthood  10
- Total 80
- Pratical 20

Unit I Introduction to Home Science

Unit II: Understanding oneself: Adolescence

Ch.- Understanding the Self.
A. ‘Who am I’?
B. Development and Characteristics of the Self(Development characteristics and needs of adolescents)
C. Influences on Identity

Ch.- Food, Nutrition, Health and Fitness

Ch. - Management of Resources

Ch.- Fabric Around us

Ch-Media and Communication Technology

Unit III: Understating family, community and society

Ch. - Concerns and needs in diverse contexts:
a. Nutrition, Health and Hygiene
b. Resources Availability and Management

Unit IV: Childhood

Ch.-Survival, Growth and Development

Ch.- Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing

Ch.- Our Apparel

Unit V: Adulthood

Ch.- Health and Wellness

Ch.- Financial Management and planning

Ch.- Care and Maintenance of fabrics


1. Understanding oneself with reference to:
a) Physical development in terms of age, height, weight, hip and chest circumference.
b) Sexual maturity (Age at menarche ,Development of breasts : girls). Growth of beard, change in voice:boys)

2. Observe developmental norms: (Physical, Motor, Language and social - emotional) birth to three years.

3. List and discuss 4-5 areas of agreement and disagreement with
a) Mother
b) Father
c) Siblings/ Friends
d) Teacher

4. a) Record own diet for a day
b) Evaluate qualitatively for adequacy

5. Preparation of different healthy snacks for an adolescent suitable in her/his context.

6. a) Record one day’s activities relating to time use and work
b) Prepare a time plan for yourself

7. Plan a budget for a given situation/purpose.

8. a) Record the fabrics and apparel used in a day
b) Categorize them according to functionality

9. Relationship of fibre properties to their usage:
a) Thermal property and flammability
b) Moisture absorbency and comfort

10. (a) Analyze label of any one garment with respect to: Clarity, fiber content, size and care instructions.
(b) Prepare one care label of any garment.
(c) Analyze two different fabric samples for color fastness.

Prescribed textbook

Human Ecology and Family Sciences(For class XI): Part I and Part II

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