CBSE Revision Notes for Class 8 Chapter 1 Rational Numbers

Here you will find Class 8 Maths Revision Notes Chapter 1 Rational Numbers so you can take help from these to understand the basic concepts. It will engage you and useful for solving variety of problems. Revision Notes for Class 8 Maths are prepared by Studyrankers experts who have great experience in Maths subject. It will surely boost your performance and you can achieve high marks through this. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths is very important if you want to clear your doubts and improve your confidence.

The topics in the chapter are:
• Rational numbers on number line
• Rational numbers between any two given rational numbers
• Explain natural number, whole number, integer and rational number
• Closure property
• Commutativity
• Associativity
• Additive identity and multiplicative identity
• Distributive property
• Additive inverse of a number
• Reciprocal or multiplicative inverse

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