Class 10 Samajik Vigyan Notes

Class 10 Social Science mainly consists of four subjects - History, Political Science, Geography and Economics. There is a lot of theories in all these subjects and the subjects are quite long. It takes a lot of time to read them completely, due to which it is difficult to revise them during exam time. Therefore, we are giving Class 10 Samajik Vigyan Notes, so that you can cover important topics in less time. All the notes are given chapterwise so you do not have trouble finding them. All you have to do is click on the names of the subjects given below and select your chapters.
  • Class 10 Itihas Notes
  • Class 10 Rajniti Vigyan Notes
  • Class 10 Bhugol Notes
  • Class 10 Arthshshastra Notes

Class 10 Itihas Notes

  • Europe me Rashtravad ka Uday Notes
  • Indo-China me Rashtravadi Aandolan Notes
  • Bharat me Rashtravad Notes
  • Bhumandalikrit Vishv ka Banana Notes
  • Audhgikikaran ka Yug Notes
  • Kaam Aaram aur Jivan Notes
  • Mudran Sanskriti aur Aahunik Duniya Notes
  • Upnyas Samaj aur Itihas Notes

Class 10 Bhugol Notes
  • Sansadhan aur Vikas Notes
  • Van avam aur Vany Jivan Sansadhan Notes
  • Jal Sansadhan Notes
  • Krishi Notes
  • Khanij tatha Urja Sansadhan Notes
  • Vinirman Udhyog Notes
  • Rashtriya Arthvyavstha ki Jivan Rekhayein Notes
Class10 Rajniti Vigyan Notes
  • Satta ki Sajhedari Notes
  • Sanghvad Notes
  • Loktantra ki Vividhta Notes
  • Jati Dharm aur Laingik Masle Notes
  • Jan Sangharsh aur Aandolan Notes
  • Rajinitik Dal Notes
  • Loktantra ke Parinam Notes
  • Loktantra ki Chunautiyan Notes
Class 10 Arthashastra Notes
  • Vikas Notes
  • Bhartiya Arthvyavstha ke Kshetrak Notes
  • Mudra aur Sakh Notes
  • Vaishvikaran aur Bhartiya Arthvyavystha
  • Upbhokta ka Adhikar Notes
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