NCERT Revision Notes for Chapter 1 Changing Trends & Career in Physical Education Class 11 Physical Education

Topics in the Chapter
  • Meaning of Physical Education
  • Aim and Objective of Physical Education
  • Changing trends in Physical Education

Meaning of Physical Education

• Physical Education is study regarding the development of physically, mentaly, emotionally and social fitness citizens through the medium of physical activities.

• It is an integral part of the total education process.

• According to Charles A Bucher, "physical education is an integral part of total education process and has its aim in the development of physically, mentally, emotionally and socially fit citizens through the medium of physical activities which have been selected with a view to realize these out comes.

• Physical education is the sum of changes in the individual caused by experience which can bring in motor activity.”

Aims and objectives of Physical Education:

• To make every child physically, mentally and emotionally fit

• To develop certain personal and social qualities in every child

• To make good and responsible citizens out of them

Changing trends in Physical Education

• Physical Education is has its roots in history. It has being taught from previous many years. In ancient time, man needed physical education to stay alive. 

• With Changing Civilization, meaning of physical education has been changing. 

• The real definition is not known to anyone. Physical education is much more than that in the present context, the effort of imparting education through physical activities as called physical education.

Career Option in Physical Education

Soft Skills

• ‘soft skills’ means skills which characterise relationships with other people, or which are about how you approach life and work.

• Others phrases that are often used for these types of skills include: ‘people skills’, “interpersonal skills’, ‘social skills’ or ‘transferable skills’.

(i) Communication Skills

• The skills used to communicate with others in decent ways are collectively known as communication skills. 

• People with strong communication skills can build relationships, listen well, and vary their communication to suit the circumstances.

• It is suggested, one should work on communication skills, to develop 

(ii) Making Decisions

Decision making is an important soft skill which is required at every stage of life. 

(iii) Self Motivation

• People who are self-motivated get on by themselves. 

• They don't need close supervision and they are good to work with because they are generally positive about life and can be counted upon to keep going. It also helps to work on your personal resilience and adaptability to change.

(iv) Leadership Skills

• The ability to lead is one of the best qualities one can have. 

• It is the quality to lead and motivate the group of people.  

• There are many leadership related courses available and much has been written about how to develop your leadership skills.
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