Notes of Chapter 6 Understanding Media Class 7th Civics

• TV, radio and newspapers are a form of media that reaches millions of people, or the masses, across the country and the world and, thus, they are called mass media.

Media and technology

• Newspapers, television and radio can reach millions of people because they use certain technologies.

→ Print Media: Newspapers and Magazines.

→ Electronic Media: TV and Radio.

• Television images travel huge distances through satellites and cables which allows us to view news and entertainment channels from other parts of the world. 

Media and money

• The different technologies that mass media use are expensive. 

• In a news studio, it is not only the newsreader who needs to be paid but also a number of other people who help put the broadcast together.

• Due to these costs, the mass media needs a great deal of money to do its work.

• The mass media earns money is by advertising different things like cars, chocolates, clothes, mobile phones, etc.

Media and Democracy

• In a democracy, the media plays a very important role in providing news and discussing events taking place in the country and the world.

• Some of the ways in which they can do this is by writing letters to the concerned minister, organising a public protest, starting a signature campaign, asking the government to rethink its programme, etc.

Independent Media

• An independent media is important in a democracy.

• However, the reality is that media is far from independent because of two reasons:
→ The government has on the media.
→ Business houses control the media. 

Setting agendas

• The media also plays an important role in deciding what stories to focus on, and therefore, decides on what is newsworthy. 

• By focusing on particular issues, the media influences our thoughts, feelings and actions, and brings those issues to our attention.

• There are several instances when the media fails to focus on issues that are significant in our lives.

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