Notes of Chapter 5 Women Change the World Class 7th Civics

Fewer opportunities and rigid expectations

• People thinks that men and women are meant do to specific works.

• The reason they did this is because they feel that outside the home too, women are good at only certain jobs.

• Many people believe in these stereotypes, many girls do not get the same support that boys do to study and train to become doctors and engineers.

Learning for change

• Today, it is difficult for us to imagine that school and learning could be seen as not appropriate for some children.

• In the past, the skill of reading and writing was known to only a few. 

• In the nineteenth century, many new ideas about education and learning emerged.

Schooling and education today

• Today, both boys and girls attend school in large numbers. 

• There still remain differences between the education of boys and girls.

• According to the 1961 census, about 40 per cent of all boys and men (7 years old and above) were literate compared to just 15 per cent of all girls and women. 

• In the most recent census of 2011, these figures have grown to 82 per cent for boys and men, and 65 per cent for girls and women.

• The percentage of the male group is still higher than the female group. 

• SC and ST girls leave school at a rate that is higher than the category ‘All Girls’. 

• The 2011 census also found that Muslim girls are less likely, than Dalit and Adivasi girls, to complete primary school.

Women’s movement

• Women and girls now have the right to study and go to school.

• Women individually, and collectively have struggled to bring about these changes. This struggle is known as the Women’s Movement.

• Many men support the women’s movement as well. 


• Campaigns to fight discrimination and violence against women are an important part of the women’s movement. 

• A law was made in 2006 to give women who face physical and mental violence within their homes, also called domestic violence, some legal protection.

Raising Awareness

• The women’s movements’ message has been spread through street plays, songs and public meetings.


• The women’s movement raises its voice when violations against women take place.

Showing Solidarity

• The women’s movement is also about showing solidarity with other women and causes.

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