CBSE Class 9th Syllabus of French 2018-19

Latest CBSE Class 9th Syllabus of French 2018-19

CBSE has released the Class 9th syllabus of French. There is no major change has been made in the syllabus and the pattern and it is same as the previous year. In Board examination, the entire syllabus will come. The Board examination will be of 80 marks, with a duration of three hours.

A) Reading Section: 10 Marks
One unseen prose passage (factual/descriptive) (150-200 words)

B) Writing Section: 20 marks
One long composition (Informal letter) 80 words
Two short compositions -: (recipe, message, post card, description of a person with visual input and clues) (30-35 words)

C) Grammar Section: 30 marks
Based on the prescribed textbook (Lessons 1-12) articles, possessive adjectives, demonstrative adjectives, prepositions, verbs (présent, futur proche, futur, pronominal verbs, passé composé, impératif, imparfait, passé récent , conditionnel présent), question formation, negatives, personal pronouns, interrogative adjectives and pronouns, relative pronouns

D) Culture and Civilization 20 marks
Questions based on text book
a) Short answer questions 5×2 10 marks
b) MCQ (True or false/odd one out/ match the following/ 10 marks fill in the blanks) (Any 2)

Textbooks Lessons:

1. L. 1 – La famille
2. L. 2 – Au lycée
3. L. 3 – Une journée de Pauline
4. L. 4 – Les saisons
5. L. 5 – Les voyages
6. L. 6 - Les loisirs et les sports
7. L. 7 – L’argent de poche
8. L. 8 – Faire des achats
9. L. 9 – Un dîner en famille
10. L. 10- La mode
11. L.11 – Les fêtes
12. L.12 – La Francophonie

Prescribed textbook:
Entre Jeunes, Class IX (CBSE) Textbook Lessons 1-12.

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