CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 Home Science 2018-19

Latest CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 of Home Science 2018-19

CBSE has released the syllabus for Class 10 Home Science. There is no major change has been made in the syllabus and the pattern and it is same as the previous year. In Board examination, the entire syllabus will come. The Board examination will be of 80 marks, with a duration of three hours.

Unit Name
1 Human Growth & Development - II 13
2 Management of Resources 13
3 Food and Personal Hygiene 08
4 Meal Planning 15
5 Food Safety and Consumer Education 13
6 Care and Maintenance of Fabrics and Apparel 13



Grand Total


1. Make suitable play material for children between 0-3 years (work in a pair)
2. Plan a balanced diet to self (only one meal).
3. Prepare a time plan to self for one day.
4. Prepare a report on any five mal practices you have observed in the market.
5. Undertake a market survey and collect five (5) food labels, analyze them and illustrate the labels.
6. Remove common stains of curry, paint, ball pen ink, grease, lipstick, tea and coffee.
7. List five areas of agreement and disagreement each with parents, siblings and friends, and present the solutions to class.
8. Examine positive & negative qualities of one readymade and one tailor made garment.
9. Prepare a care label for a readymade garment according to its fabric and design.
10. Practical File. 4 Marks
11. Viva Voce. 3

Syllabus for Class 10th Home Science 2018-19

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