Gulliver's Travel - A Voyage to Lilliput 9th Chapter 6 Summary and Quick revision notes English

Gulliver describes his inability to understand court matters and his rare experience regarding the same. He was about to leave for Blefuscu, an important person from court came to visit Gulliver. That person was once helped by Gulliver. He informed Gulliver about the plan of enemies (Bolgolam and Flimnap) in the court has planned his assassination. Many charges of treason against were brought in front of king. Pissing on the royal chamber was one of the idea, showing too much of mercy on enemies(Blefuscu) and also a desire to visit them. That person visited Gulliver had also brought the copies of charges made against Gulliver. He further told that king supported Gulliver for what good deeds he has done to protect the realm of Lilliputian Islands but the majority of Court has already gone against Gulliver. Few of them demanded a painful death like burning him. Then king asked Redresal , the council member who was Gulliver’s friend to give his opinion. He first demanded mercy for him. The court did not agreed. Then he suggested the best to get rid of him was to take off his eyes. After that he should be made starve to death. In this way his dead body can be easily disposed as he would become weak. The Redreasal was supposed to inform Gulliver about his punishment by the court.

After the court man had gone Gulliver was terrified about what price he had to pay for his innocent service for the protection of this island and its kingdom.

Gulliver decided to escape Blefuscu. He took a large ship and went to Blefuscu, where he was welcomed enthusiastically.

Important Points

• Once a court man secretly met Gulliver to make him know about the court decision to punish him.

• He was accused of treason, pissing on the royal palace and being so kind of Lilliputians enemy Blufuscu.

• The death sentence was proposed, later it turn into making him blind and starve him to death.

• Gulliver was very much disappointed by the decision and decided to escape Blefuscu.

• Gulliver took a large ship and left for Blefuscu where he was given a warm welcome.

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