Gulliver's Travel - A Voyage to Lilliput 9th Chapter 5 Summary and Quick revision notes English

The empire of Blefuscu was to attack Lilliputians Island. Gulliver decided to fight against invaders. All connection between Lilliputian island and Blefuscu was cut. The Lilliputians did not want any information about Gulliver’s presence to be leaked. Gulliver made plans for the warfare. He ordered long cables and bars. He made hook out of bar and attached them to cables. He wades and then swims across to the Blefuscudian fleet, where it is anchored in the shallows near the island of Blefuscu. The Blefuscuians army got afraid of Gulliver. They attacked on Gulliver by arrows. Gulliver saved his eyes from the arrow by using his glasses . Gulliver attaches each of his hooks to one of Blefuscu's ships, cuts the cables anchoring the ships in Blefuscu's harbor, and uses his hooks and bits of rope to tow the entire fleet across the channel. As Gulliver approaches Lilliput, he's so deep in the water that the Emperor and his court can't see him. All they can see is the Blefuscudian fleet approaching Lilliput's shores. Very soon they came to know Gulliver had won the war and made Blefuscu army his hostage. The Lilliputian king gave Gulliver title of NARDAC. The king wanted Gulliver to take some opportunity of bringing all rest of his enemy ships. The princes wanted to make whole empire of Blefuscu their provinces. They wanted to forcefully impose the rule of breaking egg to the people of Blefuscu. Gulliver strongly opposed the idea. Some members of council was in support of Gulliver. Some of member disagreed who were the silent enemies of Gulliver. After 3 weeks of this war, there arrived a solemn embassy from Blefuscu, with peace offers. There terms seemed advantageous to the emperor of Lilliputs. They also invited Gulliver for a visit of Blefuscu. Gulliver got another opportunity to help the king. The apartment of king was on fire. Gulliver urinated on that to extinguish fire.
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