Gulliver's Travel - A Voyage to Lilliput 9th Chapter 4 Summary and Quick revision notes English

Gulliver was granted liberty. Now he wanted to visit the main city Mildendo. He requested for the visit and his request was granted. The Citizens of Mildeno were made aware about Gulliver’s visit. They were told to not come out of there house. Gulliver entered the city walked around carefully. People gathered on their roof to have a view of this strange creature. He saw emperor building from outside. To get an insight view he made stool using trees. Queen was sitting inside. She gave a gentle smile to Gulliver.

After a fortnight Reldresal who was general secretary met Gulliver. He told him about various issues of Lilliputs that had made their life miserable. They were facing the threat of rebellion at home. Also they were facing terror of Blefuscu. Gulliver assured Reldresal that he would help Lilliputs to fight against all invaders.

Important Points

• After getting liberty Gulliver requested to visit Mildendo the main city of the Lilliputian Island. His request was granted by the king.

• The people of the city were made aware of the visit of Gulliver. The had taken necessary precautions. They were suggested to stay in their house.

• Gulliver enters the city which had gate 2 and a half feet high and breadth of 11 inches. The city had a shape of square. This was one of the most crowded city that Gulliver had ever seen.

• Gulliver has taking utmost care he could to avoid any damage to life and property of the city Mildendo.

• Gulliver then had view of the royal palace which was at the center of the city. Then he easily got the outer view of palace but get better inner view he made a stool of required strength so that he can stand on it and get inner view. He carried the stool when next time he visited the city.

• He was able to see the room of queen and princes who gave a gentle reactions to him.

• One day Reldresal, principle secretary for private affairs, visited Gulliver’s place for a purpose. He was the one who had always taken Gulliver’s side in the court. He addressed Gulliver about the various issues the kingdom had been facing those days.

• He told Gulliver that the empire has been facing dual danger of foreign inventions as well as inner conflict within the empire.

• The inner conflict was on the issue of hills of shoes. The society is divided into two parts on this issue. Tramecksan were in the favour of High hills that was an old tradition. Slamecksan were the one who favored Low hills. The king was Slamecksan favoring Low hills. Tramecskan were to rebel against Empire.

• The Lilliputian Island was also threatened by invention from another Island Blefuscu. The issue between them was on the way of breaking eggs.

• Gulliver was happy to help the Lilliputians fighting against invaders.
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